Prediction. This 1974-1975 Broadway play will never get a tribute or a reprise.

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@Johncdvorak I’ve worked professionally on Broadway tours for a while now and I can hear the warm ups for this one as we speak.

“Ree ree ree ree reeeeee...ree ree ree ree ree reeeeee”

Edit: I used to work Broadway tours till the rona

@Boo_BuryMothman If you ever want a job, consider NC school of the Arts. We also own a local arts school and would love to hire someone like you for workshops etc for our kids!

@TheCM ha that’s pretty rad. I actually toured NC school of arts back in the day being from NC. Very cool facilities I was interested in the film program

@Johncdvorak Oh my god... They wrote a play about me! I gotta go tell my psychiatrist...

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