Can anyone point me to a discussion (print, audio, video) where lawyers discuss the potential for cracking the vaccine liability protection and how Pfizer in particular can be sued over its vaccines.

@Johncdvorak i'm a closeted lawyer and in my discussion suing Pfizer is as likely to bring you happiness as Pfizer's products are because the medical mafia has everyone bribed, the jewish mafia has everyone blackmailed, and the WASP mafia (spooks) has everyone else MKultra'd. I can't point you to a discussion with, like, other lawyers though.

after i win my big suit against pfizer for fake vaccine injury, i'm going after Raytheon on behalf of the class of brown people living in rubble.

@Johncdvorak The normal vaccine liability protection wasn't enough so the government gave them super-duper immunity.

I think everyone is basically screwed.

@Johncdvorak I thought Pfiizer had international political immunity

@Johncdvorak Ultimately, it's not really important, if there was duplicity involved they shouldn't be worried about legal liability, but mobs of millions of people tearing them apart limb by limb like chimps.

Our governments ignored the foundational principles of western democraties in this push. If there's a reckoning to be had, there is no reason that it would be limited by a quaint principle like "rule of law".


Hundreds of #doctors testify that these do not meet the legal definition of a #vaccine. So all someone needs to do is start suing the #fake "vaccine" companies for their #graphene #oxide #kill #shots & series of bioweapons in the shots, in the #masks, the #nose #swab #PCR fake " #tests " and push them all out of business! Sue all of these companies !


See this also:

America’s Frontline Doctors sue HHS to revoke emergency use authorization for covid vaccines

Other groups also have partnered with the Frontline doctors also, to start similar suits.

@BrokerDon @Johncdvorak

Exactly, once you establish in a court of law that these do not meet the legal definition of a vaccine, it is game over for these criminals running this warp speed & who have already killed so many with these deadly graphene oxide kill shots.

@Johncdvorak not a discussion, but its from the congressional research service

Scope of Immunity from Liability is (obviously) on pg 33

COVID-19 PREP Act Declaration, covered persons are generally immune from legal liability for losses relating to the administration or use of covered countermeasures against COVID-19.301 The sole exception to PREP Act immunity is for death or serious physical injury caused by “willful misconduct.”

Just yesterday Richard Epstein reported in his podcast (Hoover Institution) the government can provide liability protection.
However, an employer who demands an individual take an experimental drug may be held fully liable for any adverse side effects. This has been of concern to Workers Comp Insurance companies. They are claiming, "The gubmint said it's OK." We will not know until it goes to Court.

@Johncdvorak Are you writing about this elsewhere? I am a big fan of such an idea !

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