@Johncdvorak it is why prohibition occurred to prevent a challenge to a minorities power.

@Johncdvorak He didn't factor in the loss of energy associated with the need to propel the extra weight of the batteries

@Johncdvorak PAMPLEMOUSSE /0\ It did make me laugh.

This reminds me of the goal Canada put in place, to be "100% electric" by 2035. Not going to happen because of these exact reasons. Its not viable, or it will kill the long range autonomy of people.

I got in an argument with fellow compatriots on this subject, they are all sold to the idea because they want to "save the planet" but they are really blind to the downsides of electric cars.


My sixty year old car that probably gets 25+ MPG is less of an environmental impact than a Tesla. Change my mind.


@Leyonhjelm With Red as a profile pic, i won't even try to change your mind now 😂 @Johncdvorak

@SirMathieu @Johncdvorak

Killing the long range autonomy of people is a feature, not a bug!

@Viking @Johncdvorak Exactly my thought. Keep the slaves in the cities and cut their autonomy. I have a ton of customers here that travel 600km + to go to their hunting lodges etc, and they dont have electricity or just generators. And low and behold, average autonomy of EV is around 400-500Km and that is QUITE generous estimate. Also cut that value in half at least when its winter and -15c.

@SirMathieu @Johncdvorak

It's ok, they can get on the list to use the biofuel community vehicle, if they're not on another list!

@SirMathieu @Johncdvorak

They don’t even run in winter
I’ve had the same arguments with people

@Johncdvorak There is a bit of slight-of-hand that is being used by manufacturers and it was reinforced by the article he referenced. The cost to manufacture electric cars will come down steeply. Meanwhile the consumer is being charged a premium based on this “it’s more technical” or “its new” bullcrap.

@Johncdvorak There are thousands of moving parts that get eliminated by deleting the combustion engine. Most of which have to be forged, heat treated, machined, balanced, shot peened, etc. It will drive insane profits for auto makers who can make the transition and should save on pollution quite a bit. It will also kill an absurd number of jobs.

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