I've kind of thought this, but this confirms that matt Taibbi is actually a humorist. This article is hilarious.

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@Johncdvorak — that’s true! 🎶

“For at least a year especially, listening to NPR has been like being pinned in wrestling beyond the three-count. Everything is about race or gender, and you can’t make it stop.“

He forgot to mention climate change’s prominent slot in the rotation. 😆

My favorite line… 🤣
“NPR has not run a piece critical of Democrats since Christ was a boy.”


😂 Nice.

“...I hear more and more politically progressive people, in the media, talking about the station as a kind of mass torture experiment, one that makes the most patient and sensible people want to drive off the road in anguish.”

They don‘t even mention the presentation, which is akin to analysis of a golfer on the final put, speaking in hushed tones as if the subject is so important, yet taboo, that they are risking death at the hands of the Spanish inquisition.

@Johncdvorak Right on cue, NPR runs a story on "U.S. Life Expectancy Fell By 1.5 Years In 2020" "It is impossible to look at these findings and not see a reflection of the systemic racism in the U.S.," Lesley Curtis, chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences at Duke University School of Medicine, told NPR.

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