WTF? Facebook had a satellite team? For what?

@Johncdvorak First corp in space claims all that juicy asteroid gold, iron, platinum...
@Johncdvorak There's literally quadrillions of dollars in precious metals in the asteroid belt.

@Johncdvorak something else, what are they going to compete against if starlink is supposed to be free access?

@AlabamaHokie I thought I read somewhere it would’ve been free. I guess there’s stipulations as always

@Johncdvorak why wouldn't they? They've got piles of money, and every one of the decision makers remembers when Facebag completely killed myspace over about 18 months. They know it will happen to them eventually.

To push the algorithm where no algorithm has gone before

@Johncdvorak FaceBag needs to make sure where you say you tag your photos are exactly where you say you've tagged them.

@Johncdvorak I don’t know, but it probably involves automatically ordering toilet paper when you’re running low.

Google had an internet access plan using balloons. Sounds similar

@Johncdvorak because we don't have starships yet...duh. 🤠

@Johncdvorak every billionaire used to need to own a professional sports franchise and now they all need their own space agency

@Johncdvorak It was part of a cell deal. Provide free satellite internet (Mainly to Africa) with requirement that the "user" subscribe to their services. Facebook would, in turn, completely control the content of their "next billion."

@Johncdvorak remember the SpaceX rocket that exploded on the pad? The payload was Facebook's attempt at satilite internet. It seemed at the time like they were trying to compete against Google Loom. I also remember just how much WaPo was smearing SpaceX as Blue Origin was just partnering with ULA and the competition was on to secure NASA contracts. Bezos playing 5D chess here 🤺

@Johncdvorak spacex blew up facebook's satellite that was designed to bring wireless to parts of Africa.

really one of the better booms in years and years

an aside, this failure is very similar cause

all the same sub-contractor, copv high pressure helium bottles....

@Johncdvorak I am guessing to provide free “Facebook internet” to developing countries. Likely scrapped when they realized no one wants to buy ads that target people with no money

If anyone was interested to take challenge, openbts and friends plus lora could help to solve this issue.

Roughly speaking 3g is patentless while lte is nearing that status.


@dudenamedjosh @Johncdvorak Will talking to Africans online finally dispel the belief that they’re smarter than American blacks?

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