Everyone should probably watch this gem before the a-holes at YouTube take it down.

@radix023 @Johncdvorak

What's really weird is the inappropriate age warning.
Just a random observation.

I like this guy though.

@radix023 @Johncdvorak I got this notice, watched and shared to another platform. Good video

@El_Jefe they do that regardless through your web browser’s fingerprint.

@thedude33 Chrome for sure. There are numerous methods--CPU signature, mac address, etc.

Signing on is active and the activity becomes part of your account history.

@Johncdvorak I’m check it out and before video would buffer, I got two warnings about it being propaganda


Funny I was just watching it....and retooted it out....People should watch and share with others. No doubt it will get taken down. If you are a fan of NAS this is a MUST watch.

Thanks JCD

@Johncdvorak they’re making it hard th share it too. Removing or hiding share link.

@brettiquette @Johncdvorak I assumed there was an update to the tube and I just didn't know where the share button was anymore.

@Johncdvorak AssTube want me to insert my credit card details to verify my age to allow me to watch it! 😳

@Johncdvorak Download it from

Post it somewhere else so YouTbe does not get paid.

@Johncdvorak Doesn’t sound like a “safe space” at university if you aren’t on board with elitist popthink. Going from safe place for people to discuss ideas and topics that could be uncomfortable otherwise... to double warnings on media players about a professors speech being inappropriate for some viewers.

@Johncdvorak I can't share it from the App. And why is it age restricted?

@rahmat @Johncdvorak they disable sharing easily from the app when the content inside is on the chopping block. It's the 2nd stage after the msg below the video.

You can goto your YouTube history inside the app view what you watched, hit the 3 dots menu on the bottom right & choose SHARE to get the link.

@Johncdvorak If that resonates with the left or non critical thinking college indoctrinated crowd, it further proves the point that, critical thinkers like their information raw & unfiltered, while herd mentality people like their information delivered in a particular manor (NYU Prof), with trigger tie in's (Nazi's & commies), with a specific production milieu (classroom prof interview & emotional music beds).

None of the clips shown are new, they've been around for over 17 months

NPC cull otw


Here’s a version on a different platform, without the age restriction.


@Johncdvorak This guy was great on the Unregistered Podcast with Thad Russel back in January.

@Johncdvorak And youtube spammed my browser with CDC propaganda popups.

@Johncdvorak Here's Mark Crispin Miller speaking at the "Free Political Prisoners Now" rally June 27, 2021 Manhattan, NYC -- Excellent speech that has received little attention. Show material inside.

@Johncdvorak “sign in to YouTube to confirm your age.”
“This content is objectionable to some viewers”
“Sign in to view this content.”
“Are you sure you want to view this?”
This must be good info!

@Johncdvorak anyone else getting the same Napster vibe I’m getting from the comments here on Mastodon about how to avoid the content restriction BS from YouTube? @adam is right: podcast.index is going to force MSM outlets to cave to the “free” and “wild west” nature of the sharers (us) in a couple of years, and then we may just have another resurgence of innovative, freedom-loving HODL’ers reinventing the world once again whether the elites like it or not! so who will be the next elitist dbags?


I'm not signing in to confirm my age...fuck it.

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