Who are these people? Why are they newsworthy? And why should I care? Why should anyone care?

@Johncdvorak millennial celebrettis all need to be thrown screaming into large fires.

@Johncdvorak never heard of’m now I’m just like huh how quickly will I forget them

@Johncdvorak Plastic people. I had no idea who they were either. Probably because I don't really watch TV.

@melodiousowls I watch tons of TV (for the show). That's not it. I still never heard of them. I'd surely remember a girl named "Dove." Who names their kid after a bar of soap??

@Johncdvorak Maybe there's something to the Disney angle. A brief search has not revealed anything, but you gotta wonder about some of those Disney actors and programming. There's mind control somewhere here!

@Johncdvorak Real name is Chloe, "Dove Cameron has been engaged to Ryan McCartan (2016). She was born Chloe Celeste Hosterman."

@Johncdvorak Unfortunately for them there is a glut of stars that nobody as ever heard of. "Star" does not have the meaning or importance it once did.

@Johncdvorak Don't you understand the article written by her Disney publicist? She went thru a very public breakup, that you have to be reminded of. . . . . . . . . .

People with high end publicists. Why you shouldn't care.

@Johncdvorak is this a knowledge test for the morning zoo’s entertainment reporter?

@Johncdvorak Their employers or more than likely themselves are paying the gossip media to promote them so they can become famous. Then when they go for jobs, they can say they have some fame. i'll still not know who any of them are.

@Johncdvorak OMG Thomas is so suss. Totally lame at doing seggs.

@Johncdvorak NNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
I thought this was real love😢

@Johncdvorak don't ask why anyone should do anything, rather ask what no one would do if they could. Then consider the population of the world.

@Johncdvorak the only proper nouns I had ever heard of before in the article were Entertainment Tonight, US, Canada and Disney Channel. I didn't recognize the actors or songs or shows mentioned at all

@Johncdvorak Hah! I was just about to reply "Who TF is this Dove chick?" 😆

@Johncdvorak because wealthy societies devolve into idle nonsense, the m5m is trying to compete with TikTok and YouTube and many People under 40 are soft, entitled and bored

Hey FynickalZucker, i got a question. What genre and in what kind of band are You playing?


@PawelK I do Rock...mostly influenced by 70s, 80s and 90s. Currently putting together a new band in the 80s-90s vibe after my band for the past decade officially called it a day recently.

Kewl i dont want to spam but if you or anyone especially masters need great studio monitors i could give you a cut in every sale. They are prerelease so far and supercheap and hot already in skorea and kpop world but as i said i dont want to spam.

Check for more. Thanks for bearing with me.

Also show me some releases or gigs. I love 80s and 90s and rock. Ill swap for a link to yt to song i want to see acquired rights too or rearranged although this is already great arrangement and maybe just could need your performing and recording of it.

Please check da som nu for alltid on yt.

I fucking love it and I could have use or two for its performance/recording or rearrangement.

@PawelK You can Google or YouTube my previous band Vintage Radio Gods or look up my Guitar covers on YouTube under the name Chris_In_Nashville 👍🏻

Your covers are awesome. Youre a very good git player. Very nice music.

Dang sorry to hear old one closed. Looking forward to your new band and its gigs and releases.

@Johncdvorak I have a young daughter and know of these people. Dove is a Disney star, like Ariana Grande who starred in the Descendants (a singing show based on thr sons and daughters of Disney villains) circa 2015. Her fans are college grads now. God, I feel old.

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