WTF? Volunteers? These people are insane.

@Johncdvorak personally know a mother who got the Moderna shots while pregnant! Baby doing fine

@conti >> "Baby doing fine"

You can't possibly have the multiple decades of observations necessary to make that assessment.


@SirBemrose @Johncdvorak so far bro. Its a friends kids I'm not trying to speak into existence that shit.

@conti @Johncdvorak For what it's worth - and for the sake of my family members who've gone out and gotten themselves jabbed, I too am hopeful that all of the dire warnings turn out to be overblown.

Love and light, bro.

@Johncdvorak After working 20yrs at a Wal-Mart Supercenter it has become apparent (I typed it) that "some" people of all creeds and colors only have kids for the check We the people cut them every month. Why not let their doctor talk them into getting a check from Big Pharma too.

@Johncdvorak Volunteers? Let me guess. They believe in "love at every age" too? These "volunteers are legally too young to consent. Not to mention the leak about that vaccine sitting on the ovaries. Sterilizing the target. Just like the Menafrivac thing.

@Johncdvorak Parents have sent their children to Hollywood for worse. I guess all our modern comforts can’t protect us from our sick selves.

@Johncdvorak it's a cult of helpers, like Ralphie on The Simpsons.

@Johncdvorak I take the liberty of translating it and sharing it again.

@Johncdvorak well…. If they’re old enough to decide they want to change their sex, they’re old enough to volunteer for experimental medical testing

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