@Johncdvorak They have been determined to be equally ineffective.

@Johncdvorak This is not very scientific - did they do any testing at all mixing vaccines?...are they all identical or what?

What the hell is this bullshit?

@Johncdvorak in Adam's voice "It's SCIENCE!" Also depopulation....Bill must really dislike Canada. What did they do to him...or not allow him to do in their country...might be something there. 🤔🤔

@Johncdvorak We gotta move inventory before no one wants this crap.

@doktorzhivago @Johncdvorak

Yep, at this point they don´t care anymore about the science & are just saying “the hell with it, let them eat cake”.

@Johncdvorak Canada doesn’t want to wait 2 years to kill you, they want to kill you NOW.

@Johncdvorak I heard this is one of those "Jobs of the Future"; Vaccine Bartender

@Johncdvorak After our local provincial health officials have acknowledged issues with AstraZeneca and adverse reactions, the federal health authority gave the green light to mix and match and now the provincial authorities are following suit.


"If you decide not to take the AstraZeneca booster, you can wait to get a second shot with another product," said Russell. "We expect to receive direction from the federal government soon on using another brand of vaccine."

@Johncdvorak I guess the thinking was, if we’re going to experiment, better do it on the Canadians

@Johncdvorak went for a work medical in Saint John, NB today. Nurse told me there's been 6 deaths from AZ in our province, the government has only reported 2. Only 45,000 doses were supplied to our province of 775,000 people. Side note, she was very pro vaccine and referred to getting the stupid people jabbed to get the 75% of people over 12 with 1 jab required in exchange for freedom.

@McCrappy @Johncdvorak still can’t comprehend their diabolically plan...

@Johncdvorak An attempt to hide the massive bungling at every level but the municipal.


Two families in my circle got two doses of each of them, Phizer and Moderna. I am tempted to ask them to have me in their will. If they all die in the next two years.

Would you like a little cyanide with your arsenic?
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