HA..Let's do a dead pool to see how long this stays on YouTube!

@Johncdvorak thank you for sharing,
my bet is that it will be off yt by the time the fat lady sings on tomorrow's pre-stream

@Johncdvorak No doubt they will do anything to attempt to surpress Chris Sky's book called Just Say No (Chris Sky was featured in this music video). Amazon already banned it from selling it

@CarBlanez33 @Johncdvorak
It is *not* natural to just die at 44 from bi-lateral Pulmonary Thromboembolus. As they claim.

Brandy Vaughan is the person this video was dedicated to:

I suggest youtube-dl for saving/archiving vids like this.

How long until this is taken off YouTube

@chipper4242 @Johncdvorak
I'll bet it stays.
The clawback is in full swing.
The money has been dispensed and spent.

@Johncdvorak guy is awful artful at dodging freight trains of chinese payload, ill give him that!

@Johncdvorak 🇨🇦 It’s not a 🎵 conspiracy if it keeps coming true 🎼

@Johncdvorak our garbage puppet gov't will just label him a terrorist

@Johncdvorak As of now it's at 56k views. It will be down shortly when it gets to the 100k mark.

As a side note, why haven't creators like this jumped from YouTube yet? The YouTube algo buries this kind of content and these videos are typically shared by link. Is the YouTube ecosystem really that sticky?

@Johncdvorak @g33ksquared This is the kind of utility that rap had before the "meeting" went down and the powers that be changed what rap would be comprised of, which is thug life, drugs, ghettos.

It used to be how they spread the truth to each other.

Obviously there is a re-emergence. Thank God.

They'll keep monetizing it until enough people, or the right person, complains

@Johncdvorak At the very end I heard "The answer is No Agenda" 😂

The words "to your" got lost in the echo through my crappy phone speakers.

@Johncdvorak or someone will complain that it’s a white guy rapping

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