All-time dumbest "graph" in history. Thanks to the WEF (World Economic Forum).


I think that is the same group funding the dfinity project to put the whole internet in a proprietary blockchain of tyranny that should scare the crap out of all of us.

@Johncdvorak Looks like the yarn art I see on chain link fences in Brooklyn.

@Johncdvorak Finally, a graph in the style of Jackson Pollock!

@Johncdvorak 100% agree. Wonder what Edward Tufte would say?! 😂

@Johncdvorak at least it accurately portrays the absolute meaninglessness of their data

To be honest, everyone who had anything of worth to say on the topic was banned before they even started collecting the dataset.

That's what I love about modern companies. Piss on your dataset by banning customer group, make research proving group is small/non-existent, wander why data don't correspond to reality(loose money), repead.

@Johncdvorak Another piece of evidence to support your theory that they are cutting and running. A comprehensive list of reasons to NOT get vaccinated. This image will be recycled in M5M as a “UFO” in a few decades.

@Johncdvorak those charts that show the way viral content is shared on social media, and by whom are all rather odd looking.

But there's a multi billion dollar industry of sociologists creating these cybernetic models of consumer desires with the help of Big Data analytics in order to microtarget propaganda (advertising) to increase brand awareness for flagship franchise properties —such as the WEF.


If you haven't read "parasitic mind" by Gad Saad, you need to check it out! He has a chapter where he discusses this phenomenon among bs artist "experts" who submit works or publish papers that sound, and are, incredibly complex and nonsensical. For "the public" (folks), they see this as validating the experts credentials because they can't understand it and thus need experts to "guide" them.... 🤔 🤦🏼‍♂️

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