Here is a lost art in modern baseball -- the knuckleball -- the third pitch in this compilation is quite weird to watch. The ides is that the ball has zero spin and bounces around on the air.

@Johncdvorak the pitches are high 60s to low 80s mph. You can see the batters waiting back too long off balance. I'd like to see a modern player do this and be effective into his 50s!

@Johncdvorak As a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan, it was always fun to watch Tim Wakefield. He was in several of the highlights on the clip.

BTW - the clips also highlight the fact of how difficult it is for the catcher to catch the ball, since the baseball's movement is so erratic. Lots of passed balls with knuckle ball pitchers. Could that be why there aren't any MLB knuckle ball pitchers?

@FezzyWhig @Johncdvorak they don't like junk pitchers anymore. It's gotta be fast. I gave quite a few friends black eyes with the knuckle ball lol. Then they banned me from throwing it to them without catchers gear on.

@Johncdvorak I throw a mean knuckleball, and I tried out years ago for teams. I can say college coaches and MLB pitching trainers do not like the knuckleball. They also don't like actual pitching. They look for 2 things in a pitcher. Fastball over 90 mph. Tall with long arms. This is also why a lot of pitchers suck today. Can't stand to watch most of them play anymore because the nuance of pitching is gone for most. Just throw it as fast as you can and hope they don't hit it. It's a shame.

@Johncdvorak Guess I can clarify, I threw 24/25 on the accuracy pitching tests at 12/14/16/20 yrs old. Avg 86 fastball. 83 curve all. 76 changeup. 73 knuckleball. Always was a curveball pitcher because I liked to change the break angles depending on pitch selection. Always got selected for physical based on performance and dropped after because I'm 5'10 and "my arm won't hold up to prp baseball now"

@Johncdvorak RA Dickey was a delight to watch. Nobody threw the Knuckler so hard.

@Johncdvorak Loved the knuckleball compilation. Missing was Joe Niekro who pitched for my beloved disAstros. Alan Ashby would have to catch Niekro on day and Nolan Ryan the next.

@Johncdvorak Mickey Jannis is in AAA for Baltimore Orioles. That's probably best shot at a knuckleballer being in majors again

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