Harshing on Bill Gates. Good one.

Gates seems oblivious to all this.

@Johncdvorak I'd be oblivious to most goings-on too if I were raking in 1 billion every single day since vaccines were rolled out.
he has always been oblivious to anything that does not mean more money for him. shitty software has given way to shitty biotechnology.

@Johncdvorak These companies pull this shit all the time. Government paid research leads to something useful. Those people then have to pitch it to their bosses and politicians to get more money. Politicians take the info and give it to their buddies, who then make it third party and sell it back to the government. Just a bunch of douchebag scam artists taking advantage of us workers. My brother has a few of these stories, goes the same way every time. It's sickening.

@Johncdvorak just saw where Bill and Melinda are getting a divorce. Must be making to much 💰

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