Aaron Rodgers football prediction. This charade was planned and executed by Bill Belichick -- hence his preloading the team with weapons Rodgers can use. The second suitor would be Denver, but I'm leaning towards the Patriots. Put it in the book. Nobody in Sports Talk has yet to suggest this.

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All Rodgers needs is an average line and someone that can run a route.

@FarmerTodd Yes, and he'll get to the playoffs with that and lose.


Ugh, so frustrating. Honestly want him to see him win one. I'm a Steelers guy. We need a new QB. Someone who isn't 40 please

@Johncdvorak that’s a take I haven’t heard. What do you think happens with Garoppolo?

@PhoneBoy Belichick never goes back in time like that, PLUS the real problem with Jimmy G is availability. He's always hurt. That's no good.

@Johncdvorak yup, best ability is availability and Jimmy G does not seem to have that mastered. IR also seems quite likely.

@PhoneBoy Jimmy G stays with the Niners and mentors the new QB. He's going nowhere except to the IR list by the end of the season.

@Johncdvorak This was my first thought. Belichik knows how to get a good deal. Jimmy G can go to the Bears and SF drafts Fields/Wilson. My guesses

@Johncdvorak I like the theory. But as a Wisconsinite and life long Packers fan, Aaron will need a coach that placates his Cali-born diva wants and needs. Rodgers has a tendency to want what he feels best. I have a feeling Belichick would not be that coach or put up with that shit. Brady executes the plan. He studys the plan and makes it happen on field. Rodgers wants to dictate the plan. Watched it for years.

@danksteady @Johncdvorak As a Patriots fan, I can see this. Belichick can work with anyone, though Cam Newton appears to be a challenge but he’s hanging onto him for now.

Though I’d love to see Jimmy G. Come back.

@sirphenom @Johncdvorak if anyone could reign in Rodgers, it would be Belichick. That’s True!!!

@danksteady Corey Dillon, Randy Moss to name a couple.

If you want to win, that’s all BB needs. It’s been fun to watch!


@Johncdvorak If Chicago moved up and don’t take Fields I’ll faint.

Even the Phoenix NBC news had Rodgers likely going to Denver today.

Hmm - who was the last famous QB that went there to win a Super Bowl - oh yeah, Payton Manning.

@mhjohnson @Johncdvorak Ultimately it’s probably just Rodgers trying to get them to pick who he wants

@mhjohnson @Johncdvorak Or.
He’s engaged to an activist. It’s hard to watch.

@Johncdvorak I'll take it. Certainly over Cam Newton based on last year.

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