@Johncdvorak Well, they have been pushing for population control/reduction.
What better way than STERILIZATION!
(Yay! No more condoms!)

@thedrizl @Johncdvorak it’s as ”surprising” to us Producers, and uninteresting at this point, as was Project Veritas expose of a CNN heavy hitter to Adam and John.



Oh good, another reason to be creeped out by this vaccine and those so desperate to inject everyone.

@Jagahati @Johncdvorak and By the way,

If there is an ounce of truth that non-vaccinated people will be adversely affected by exposure to the vaccinated people’s non-stop shedding of spike proteins, then there is no point in worrying, because you can’t do anything about positive or negative exposure, ever. It will simply carry in the wind to later be absorbed by others.

Now, the big question is: does the artificial spike protein generated by the mRNA vax contain additional.....

@zoon @Jagahati @Johncdvorak instructions to build more spike proteins if the spikes are built to be absorbed within the cell and somehow processed by a persons ribosomal complex.

Like second hand smoke, it could be second hand gene therapy. The jab without the jab.

Fractal if you will.

Getting the jab is not necessary to activate the RNA spike protein building instructions, you can get a more passive exposure to the full population via the shedding.

Hence the need for the boosters

@Johncdvorak QAnon antivaxxer pseudoscientific alternative medicine obgyn. She probably tells expecting moms their pregnancy last 9 months and doesn’t start with their LMP but after conception. TOTAL QUACK


it’s WIKIPEDIA @Johncdvorak so he must be right! Consult the Book of Knowledge!

@SirDanielT @Johncdvorak you say "QAnon antivaxxer pseudoscientific alternative medicine obgyn QUACK" like it's a bad thing.

@SirDanielT Her talks on menopause were monumental for some older women i know. Instead of the "just take hormones and antidepressants" doctrine of medical professionals, she encouraged occasional use of hormones, healthy lifestyle, and common sense approaches on how to manage symptoms. Mostly, she promoted knowledge. Total quackery. @Johncdvorak


I love her - got exposed during some PBS show years ago (when I still watched PBS esp during their fundraising times when they would show long-form talks like hers).

I have 2 of her books. Both excellent.

Good for her (although also very sad). . .I also am now terrified of being around vaxx'ed slaves!

@SirDanielT @Johncdvorak

@jennifer @MrsShill @SirDanielT

It's just an off-handed theory, let's hope she is wrong. Sounds like an excellent plot for a Science Fiction novel, though. Then again it explains the need to segregate the vaccinated.

@Johncdvorak @jennifer @MrsShill @SirDanielT USA is about 50% "vaccinated", I heard. If she's right, next winter is going to make 2020 look like a minor weather cataclysm.


A.G. Riddle wrote a duology that I read a couple years ago. The writing isn't great but the premise is a pandemic is created to get people to take the life saving vaccine. The vaccine however is a trojan to take over humanity.

Something like that, its been a while.


@jennifer @MrsShill @SirDanielT

@Johncdvorak @jennifer @MrsShill @SirDanielT How does it explain the need to segregate? If the intent was depop wouldn't they want everyone to mix to be exposed to the shedding?

@Johncdvorak Sorry, I meant to use my sarcasm font.

She's never seemed like a shill for big pharma, which is why she's labeled a quack. @SirDanielT

@Johncdvorak @SirDanielT Also, a local midwife who is highly respected (also the one who could pass as Mimi's twin) has advised people for months to stay away from the vaccinated. Especially women who are pregnant or plan to be.

@MrsShill @Johncdvorak @SirDanielT

It seems to me that both the danger of Covid-19 and the danger of the vaccines against it are really exaggerated. And that in both cases anecdotes are used to justify exaggeration.

There are many mechanisms in the body to protect against dangerous substances as well as unwanted or incorrect DNA/RNA.

And we have been successfully reproducing for ±3.5 billion years. Some stupid protein isn't going to change that.

@Johncdvorak @MrsShill picked up right away. (Sarcasm Font Omitted) The classic superlatives used to discredit someone. Wikipedia is loaded with the QAnon slurs. The wikipedia 'card' loaded on the desktop search result from duck duck, made me laugh. If I were in Dimensch B, my hunch would have been validated by a biased wiki card.

@Johncdvorak she discusses it throughout the entire podcast, thats all the episode is about. Many many examples from people she’s connected with discussing the same symptoms/issues. All related to being around vaxxed people.

so are we living out the plot line of Kingsman: The Secret Service?

(Samuel L. Jackson fools everyone into downloading a free app that causes everyone to kill each other, so that the world can be saved from global warming)


@Johncdvorak i learned from lynyrd skynyrd not to be a fool and stick a needle in my arm. youtu.be/PoRNmaQZUSs

@Johncdvorak my SHW is on the contraceptive pill to regulate her cycle and it makes her regular as clockwork. She had a totally unexpected period a couple of weeks ago, well off schedule. She shares an office with another lady who has been vaccinated. Maybe a total coincidence, but according to a few sources (as an example, Naomi Wolf tweets about this a lot) there are a large number of these coincidences occurring at the moment.

@Johncdvorak this directly supports your "booster theory", not against variants of C19, but against the mRNA "vaccine" (sic parasite) trying to kill it's new host.

@Johncdvorak this was my theory since the first day of the vacination campaign in israel because it was timed so well with the "british variant" and it seemed like the vaccines came first and the then came the variants. Just a few days ago I've read an Israeli Doctor's theory stating quite the same ides.. only he was much less sure then her about it.

@Johncdvorak my wife works with a lot of vaccinated teachers and finally after a year at school, caught Covid. Hopefully that natural immunity brings some protection

@Johncdvorak It is as though the vaccine is indistinguishable from the virus. Weird. But fear not, we have one of the all time great newsmen, Seth Meyers, to guide us.

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