Worst Oscars ever. Whose idea was it to roll out boring backstories in the form of lame anecdotes on each nominee?

I'm outta here.

@Johncdvorak TYFYC and sacrifice so we didn't need to watch.

@Johncdvorak the same person that green-lit fifteen minute speeches.

@Johncdvorak Why did you even tune in? We all knew it was going to be a shit show.

I mean...just to confirm? Their anti-humanity aura just oozes out.

@Johncdvorak saying it reminded me of the Jerry Lewis Telethon would be too generous

@chris @Johncdvorak Wait was it good? Why would they deign to make it good?

@Johncdvorak Flashback 2019 - "
Golden Templars From Hidden Hands - Blackbird9 Podcast" "In the second hour, Golden Templars From Hidden Hands, the host examined the history and symbolism of the Hollywood Academy Awards known as The Oscars.”

@Johncdvorak last time I watched was when Queen opened the show. Was fun seeing the celebrities dance and rock out.

@Johncdvorak I guarantee your libjoes will think it was the best ever.

@Johncdvorak I'm sure you'll let us know how the Oscars went next Thursday with plenty of clips!

@Johncdvorak I managed to not think of the Oscars a single time this year until this post. I assume that must have been tonight?

@[email protected] I didn’t watch. Totally worked those channels out of my life to the point that I don’t think about them unless they are mentioned.
“Oh, did I miss the Oscars?”

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