@Johncdvorak I guess the cameras prevent covid, but the commercials don't.

@Johncdvorak Theatre. Which means either war or bullshit.

Probably both.

@Johncdvorak you gotta admit though the mental gymnastics informing all of these decisions is almost as enthralling as a traditional gymnastic routine.

@Johncdvorak that's funny because before it was the opposite, they only put them *on* for the cameras! 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

@chaibudesh reckon he's blocked you since they said nothing about Tucker Carlson and the ADL, not even a speil that it's thorny and a quagmire, that, I would have had respect for. But nothing...

@mackai well if that is true it is an uncharitable thing to do. we need logos meaning dialog. if i get upset at jews for supporting abortion and killing christians in wars they instigate in propaganda as well as non christians then engage me in a conversation. i will stand corrected if i get the facts wrong.

@chaibudesh agreed, more Logos. I've regrettably cancelled my recurring donations to NA due to this glaring diversion. Even the way they covered the Chauvin travesty would have been enough, as that's a quagmire.
My main donation now is to Adam Green btw.

@Johncdvorak weird. You'd think they'd want it the other way around. Masks for camera, mask optional when commercial rolls.

Did SNL audience mask up?

Effing you must wear it on even days but its banned to wear it on odd ones.

@Johncdvorak why don't they just remove a few chairs, add tables, and serve them all food? Then it'll be okay to be maskless the whole time.

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