@Johncdvorak so ccp is just giving its citizens a reason not to leave china for travel? meh, at least we know where all the world's wood is going

@Johncdvorak So it's the village from The Prisoner writ large. How appropriate.

@johnww2 I remember hearing that commissars in the USSR would look at western sources like the Wall Street Journal to help them set prices. Otherwise they had no clue. @Johncdvorak

@johnww2 @Johncdvorak Did these guys do a show on Chinese nail houses at one point? Junk houses built so the government would compensate them when the land was needed for new development. As there is more money for every floor, nail houses would be multi story, each level constructed worse than the last! Probably more about gouging the government than the ghost cities, which seem to be funneling the middle class money into investments and keeping the economy rolling? theguardian.com/cities/gallery

@Johncdvorak couple thinks. If you watch enough NTD news, you'll see a trend where the CCP issued a 50 year living/development permit to a community, then boots everybody after 20-30 years with little to no notice.

Also, Korean dictator Kim-Jung could use this type of architureal development in lue of a Disney franchise. The real Venice is a stinky mess!

@Johncdvorak they really buried the lede in that one...

For the sake of everyone who didn't watch to the end, the claim is that the historical roots of the practice comes from Chinese emperors copying the architecture of nations they conquered.

@Johncdvorak is it surprising since they are placating to their biggest customers? it is rather a compliment but it also is a disservice to their own unique culture. america is is getting worse with the shitty bau haus modernist buildings. we even copied europe with our temple congress houses. apparently the oligarchs in charge do not want us to have our own unique culture just modernist garbage like frank gehry.

@Johncdvorak why is the sky almost always bright white in every single photo taken in china ?

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