OK. If you want to have some real fun pass this document around (save a copy). 76 pages of actual reports and news stories.

Caution: will probably get you banned from Twitter AND Facebag.

@Johncdvorak Thank you. We'll know how bad this was in 10 years IF we don't all get bulldozed into the ground by the CCP. I am dead serious.

@Johncdvorak Better yet, print this out and anyone that asks you about that vaccine have them read it, or give them a printed/digital copy. but make sure they read it. imagine saving someone's life. don't back down.

@NAcroutonprivaterobotdistrict @Johncdvorak Yup, I've seen numerous videos from doctors stating that we mostly won't know anything until 2-10 years.

@Johncdvorak Are you wogs listening? "Authorities however have said that his death is not linked to the vaccine."

@chaibudesh Surely they'll list the vaccine as at least a contributing cause, right? @Johncdvorak

I almost made it more fun for myself by emailing it to my corporate work account instead of my personal account. Either way, thank you for this.

@Johncdvorak I wish I had kept those accounts just to have something decent like this to get banned over instead of leaving just for my sanity!

Don't do google docs. If you're logged in to a Google account, they'll track you.

@Johncdvorak I'm so tempted to make this how I get das boot from twitter.

@Johncdvorak having this is should be like having a big club that says proof of shenanigans on it. Thank you for giving me a bag of evidence. I’ll let you know if it opens some very closed eyes.

JCD this is like a redpill MOAB that I'm going to carpet bomb everywhere on several burner accounts.

Im moving full time to fediverse anyways plus theres lawsuit to sue fb in poland if they dont respect freedom of thought.

@Johncdvorak I think Bill Gates would see this as weeding out the unfit

@Johncdvorak If you received the Covid-19 vaccine, you may be entitled to financial compensation

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