@Johncdvorak purple!?!? can't wait to wait 3 days in line for it!

@Johncdvorak A stunning new purple. So, they've invented purple now. Good to know...


@Johncdvorak my mom would totally buy one if she were and iPhone user.

@Johncdvorak what'll they do next? Teal?! It's so good to live in the futurrrrrre!

@Johncdvorak I can't wait to get this and put it in my Otterbox case!!!

@Johncdvorak But does it make phone calls? Why do they even call these things "phones" anymore. Its not their primary function.

@Johncdvorak "The iPhone 12, reinventing features from the iPhone 5, like colors"

@Johncdvorak you should work there…we’ve had grief time prior to and after the verdict each morning before we open. Where we can discuss how it has impacted us….I pissed a few off but I’ve got kiss my ass money so there’s that. They shouldn’t ask and say “we are diverse and everyone should feel safe” just need to make it past October and I’ll be happy to cash out.

@Johncdvorak the other day I thought about how much Apple is involved in my life, was a bit of a wake up call. Got an i7 up and running with Pop!_OS and I’m surprised how slick Linux is getting.

Sidebar, I was always annoyed with the Welcome screen in Win XP. Welcome to what? My computer?

@Johncdvorak this will change our lives! Purple!!! why haven't we thought of this exit strategy

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