@Johncdvorak oh crap. Better get an untested gene therapy and wrap my face in a hot wet cloth immediately.

@Johncdvorak damn... we haven't even made it to the first show of vacay yet.

@Johncdvorak Fauci told you to double mask and you didn't want to listen.

@Johncdvorak vacation, step away from the deconstruction... slowly I turn, step by step....

@Johncdvorak saying run for your life implies you’re outside. That’s against Covid lockdown! Get back in your hole and put the mask on your face!

Just getting started. Over 100 computer generated strands have been "made up".

@Johncdvorak There is no such thing as a "double mutant". I wish the media would just stop this 💩.

@glidedon The triple mutant viruses probably don't survive long enough to make it out of the infected person's body.


Double up on the doubled up masks and everything should be double fine.

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