Wait, what? I thought Global warming was causing "severe" winters, etc.

@Johncdvorak the rule is whatever the weather happens to be doing at this very moment is the fault of climate change

@Johncdvorak as a duck hunter in the NE I can say objectively this is indeed true. There aren't as many ducks on these Atlantic flyways as there were 10yrs+ ago


No. I think the ducks didn;t migrate because they are waiting for their second dose of

@Johncdvorak but it will. The warming poles melting to the ocean will interrupt the global ocean current which when it stops will bring on a very big cold snap that will last for a long while.

@Johncdvorak something beyond a toot to back that up

A new study ... has described for the first time a key stage in the beginning of the great glaciations and indicates that it can happen to our planet in the future. The findings were recently published in the scientific journal Nature

The study claims to have found a new connection that could explain the beginning of the ice ages on Earth

@Johncdvorak another article of importance.

Describes a mechanism by where a lot more of that water from the arctic can be released.

@Johncdvorak "...they're telling us something..."

What's the annual salary for duck whisperer running these days?

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