@Johncdvorak sounds like the unraveling of the Biden family. Must be making the case to clear them out for Kamala.

@Johncdvorak Years ago, I thought your claims of institutional blackmail of public figures was pretty crazy. My apologies to you, as I now believe you are exactly right.

@Johncdvorak I think it's part of a designed slow erosion of support for Joe. This will make his extraction more palatable.

It's all in the (Biden) family. Just when you think you seen it all with them, there's another weird story.

@MartinJJ @Johncdvorak I recall seeing/hearing this story before the election. It was buried quickly, like Jimmy Hoffa. 😏 odd timing that it is surfacing again now.

@Johncdvorak Gotta cover-up for Hunter: FBI destroys laptop, SecServc hides tge gun, etc.


One day, we're gonna look back on Hunter Biden as a kind of bad boy folk hero.

Hunter f**ked all the girls…

Took all the drugs…

Corrupt foreign governments funded his playboy lifestyle…

…And he will have lived a long healthy life, dying dumb fat and happy.

cue the sunglasses floating in from off screen onto his face…

@Johncdvorak someone was adding to the Clinton Body Count and got rid of the evidence?

@Johncdvorak Sounds like Hunter and Hallie had an episode, and the secret service tried to cover it up. However, does the timing of these revelations derail the gun control debate? Jack Posobiec has been all over this on Twitter. twitter.com/JackPosobiec/statu

@Johncdvorak that story has FBI or CIA "stank" (stink) all over it.

1. Somebody saw her dump the gun in the trash. (was she binging tailed?) The CIA would know about Hunter's little problem and seek to exploit it. (so might the FBI)

2. "Secret Service" wanting the gun sale paperwork, completely out of their jurisdiction. (a couple of under cover goom-bahs)

@Johncdvorak 3. The "Old man" returning the gun. To whom? How did he know who it belonged to?

Other questions:
How does Hunter manage to lie on a gun purchase background test and still get the gun... AND manage to keep it after the fact?

Is this the gun purchase "loophole" his father is whinning about correctly?

Should the Secret Service be worried about a drug dealer retaliation against Hunter for whatever reason

@Johncdvorak anyone know what caliber Seth Rich was shot with?


Politico signaling the White House to deal with Hunter. He's a liability to the journos. They can't keep running interference for his reckless behavior.

@Johncdvorak here's the best part. He blamed it on "illegal" "mexicans". jajajaha!

At one point, two of Janssen’s employees, described by the police report as “Mexican males,” walked past the loading dock area, and Hunter told a police officer that the store had some suspicious people working for it. Asked if he was referring to those two staffers, Hunter responded, “Yea, prolly illegal,” according to the report.

@Johncdvorak He's been given a pass already; nothing will come of this at all, even with clear evidence that he lied on the 4473 form

@Johncdvorak in the age of instant notifications, reposting of unverified whatnot - 2018 was a long time ago.

this is click bait.

@Johncdvorak Hold the Biden regime hostage to the progressive wing of the party and pave the way for Kamala?

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