This appears to be a real story/ This is what goes on in Trudeau's Canada.

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Gitmo camp north lost it. Get over it.

Cc @Korgy my cana polack buddy on way to europe, dear john c.

@Johncdvorak There are no words. We need to round some angles up and get them to set this world right!


Do be fair, there is a legal round up from Viva Frei and he did a little more than that. He was told to not identify himself so his child's identity could remain protected. He also was ordered to not refer to the expert witnesses. Both of which he did. I don't really agree with those either but again, it was more than just the pronoun thing.

@Johncdvorak I wonder if Trudeau Snr could be posthumously cancelled for referring to Fidel Castro's biological son as his own?

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