Foodie tip. If you like the flavor of real "pickled" Jalapenos but cannot eat too many because of the heat. Go here. Very edible, mild and flavorful but not tamed. I'll eat four or five at a time. A great product.

@Johncdvorak I love the company’s products.I’m really picky when it comes to pre-made guacamole and theirs is freaking amazing actually. I recommended that, if one hasn’t tried it

@NickDragonslayer Agree on the quality of products from Herdez.
I will purchase this brand over many "Americanized" brands in the Mexican food section.

@Johncdvorak fun times, I used to work for the racing team that company sponsored. The owners were the richest family in Mexico. Kids got kidnapped so often that no one was even concerned, just pay the ransom and get them back.

@Johncdvorak La Costena makes some solid canned peppers as well. Somehow it seems the carrots they're packed with absorb the heat from the jalapenos.

@Johncdvorak do they have pickled habanero peppers? The after taste from jalapeños suck and their not hot enough.

@Johncdvorak I wonder if someone can tell me where I can find this on the East Coast

@sirJoho @Johncdvorak I've found Herdez products at Walmart and Food Lion in the mid atlantic. Also any Latin market will have it.

@Johncdvorak I lived in Mexico for 6 years and Herdez is definitely the best for canned salsas and peppers. Try Valentina hot sauce as well. It's the most popular hot sauce in Mexico and has just the right mix of spice, salt, and chile flavor.

It really is the truth, in the last week I can’t lie third tube I’ve bought. For pre made it really has quality!

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