everyone needs to read and subscribe to this site and ask yourself why this information is being kicked off Facebook and Twitter. Argue the facts not the ideology!

@Johncdvorak in all honesty I didn’t notice anything different this year around here. That’s a view from today... we finally broke out of the single digits. However, we get a lot of snow every year. Wisconsin is about average or a little above for snow fall.

@Johncdvorak Every year we have to put up with this global average temperature number from the fear mongers.

It's a junk number. We don't have enough measurement stations worldwide for that number to mean anything and it's also manipulated.

If you look at every other statistic like amount of snow cover, number of days under 60 degrees in a year, ect. Every statistic points to a global cooling trend.

We just had on average the coldest measured Valentines Day in US history.

@Johncdvorak I think it falls into Adam's early theory that the agenda pushed will be "The lockdowns are saving the climate! Let's do this every year!"

@Johncdvorak I sent it to my son for analysis he's a military weather guesser

@Johncdvorak this and the fact that earth was close to a minimum concentration in co2 only a few centuries ago, a point where plant life would be able to grow faster than it decays. Fossil fuels green the earth, it takes an 8th grader to figure that one out, yet all these dummies keep staring into the snake eyes 👀👀

@Johncdvorak I sent it to my son he is a weather guesser in the military.

Yeah that was super biased, they used a model (not actual recorded data) to say that a -0.1°C anomaly for a specific day is proof of global warming not being real.

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My friend and I have been predicting a "super winter" for this year in the northern hemisphere because of the jet stream/long wave pattern since august lol. That also with a strooooong La Niña for the pacific is going to continue to produce real strong lows that'll travel west to east across the continental us. Also it's been warmer here in Japan this year, it's about 60°F today in the coldest month of winter, where it should be an average of 35-40° each day.

They surprisingly had some good research in there though. The articles I usually read about weather don't generally have any technical meteorological talk, but this one wasn't bad in that department

@Johncdvorak I can't help but wonder what 97% of scientists have to say about it

This former NASA meteorologist has a great site. Rotation of earth set to slow down in 2028 is one of the things he documents.

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