This map would be taken off Twitter in a heartbeat if you point out that the areas in green have a much lower death rate that the leader (we're number one) USA.

The only African country with a bad death rate is South Africa. Oh look!

@Johncdvorak When the entire "health" bureaucracy set the standards to make Trump look bad, it's not surprising. We had a total drop off of Flu deaths, as well as heart health related issues. Bad data in = Bad data out.

@DesertDweller @Johncdvorak If the Biden administration is ever judged to be a coup, is the HCQ ban a war crime?

@Johncdvorak OMG! Is this why all ten people that lived in #newzealand are dead?

@Johncdvorak They lied about the food pyramid for over 50 years.

Not terribly surprising when they lie about covid...

especially when the effect of a backwards food pyramid for decades helped the virus be more deadly

You would almost think cheap HCQ is 'verboten' in certain countries 🤔


That map shows Norway as HCQ is "widely used".

I don't know anybody using it in Norway, and the only search results I found was that Norwegian customs have confiscated some HCQ:

I still consider it a stretch to say HCQ is widely used.

In fact, the huge discrepancy between Norwegian and Swedish COVID death rates is the strongest evidence that government policy does anything, and perhaps the only evidence that government can do anything about COVID.


Industrialized countries with a large elderly and otherwise vulnerable population, the means to implement an effective testing and monitoring infrastructure, and large urban populations, are going to have more recorded cases and deaths.

African countries have much lower recorded cases because their testing infrastructure isn't there, more of the population is rural, and their population tends to die young. They also have widespread use of HCQ because malaria is still a problem.

Uganda was a popularly cited example. Early on they had almost no recorded cases or deaths. The problem is that Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a GDP per capita of around $800. They're also one of the youngest countries in the world, with about half of the population being 15 or less, and only 2% of the population being above 65. Also, most of the population is rural and spread out.

Lack of testing + lack of vulnerable population = artificially low numbers, and you'll see the same trend in other countries that use HCQ. It's an example of why correlation doesn't equal causation.

@Johncdvorak Looks like a targeted attack on western societies, Or bad statistics .

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