When are the Feds or somebody, anyone going to do about Portland and its corrupt governance? Do the people of Oregon approve of these criminals running the state into the ground by taking no action against people like this creep?

@Johncdvorak At what point do we start holding DAs accountable for this crap?

@fragen @Johncdvorak when they stop being elected and start being appointed like our QCs (KCs) here in Canada

@Johncdvorak it'd be against precedent for Trump to declare insurrection without the city or state requesting it first. That coupled with the political gain from everyone watching these libtard cities burning down makes it unlikely that the feds are going to go in on their own and shut all this shit down.

Seems like the GOVERNOR of the state is the next step up if a municipality is flouting the law.

Responsibility is amorphous, so be careful.

"The buck stops here."

Where is HERE?

@Johncdvorak we didn't start the fires, we didn't light it but we tried to fight it
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