A Wow interview. This old interview has resurfaced and is one of the best of Jordan Peterson, ever. He is just plain pissed off with this woman and let's her know it. Might be worth downloading.

@Johncdvorak I was glad to see her is doing seemingly well the other day. We need more of him now more than ever.

@Johncdvorak why is she mic'ed well and his lav is in his pocket? It seems like a setup more than just the questions.

@Johncdvorak ugh. If you're a person like him, you need to bring your own crew to interviews. I can barely hear his mic.

@Johncdvorak She wasn’t asking “great questions”, that’s for sure! 😜

I can’t stand women like that! What a condescending bitch. I’m not sure I can make it through the whole interview. I have seen bits and pieces of it before though in one of those compilation videos titled something like “Jordan Peterson destroys the left “. Lol.

@Johncdvorak I will also say that I’ve found that most women who whine about “the patriarchy “ look like they are only doing so because they can’t get a date.At least not a date with a man.

@Johncdvorak holy shit this is great! They're both trying really hard and doing the best they can, but 2/3 of the way though he accuses her of personally being nothing but a set of rules she learned "and I don't know anything about you. I could replace you in this discussion with anyone else who has your ideology and it wouldn't be substantially different." That's some SERIOUS fighting words!

@Johncdvorak Seen this one before. He mentioned elsewhere else, his patientce had worn thin with uk 'take down' interviews.
Normally his interview-fo is just reflecting their ignorance of his position back to them. With this one he just deconstructs her biased position while keeping her thinking she has the upper hand.

@Johncdvorak Wow is right. He's literally got a perspective shattering answer for everything she says. She held up well for someone who should have ended up breaking down from the sheer weight of cognitive dissonance he was heaping on her. He's now also one of my favorite individuals on the planet.

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