Why have a bunch of anti-NoAgenda Democrat goons suddenly here being argumentative about everything? They should be banned as divisive as I see no evidence that they are contributing actual facts.

I'm blocking them starting with Vince Foster and then Freakwater. If this just becomes another Reddit No Agenda bitch forum it will be a disappointment.


@radix023 when I start seeing the "I don't listen to No Agenda anymore because...blahm, blah, blah" Or "No Agenda used to be good until..blah blah balh" I'm thinking Reddit which has become an eye-roller and toxic.

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@Johncdvorak @radix023

Not @Freakwater! I so enjoy tossing statistics, studies, and facts at him until he starts lobbing Ad hominems like Nazi grenades at Normandy.

It gets my buddies off NA Social giggling.

@Johncdvorak @radix023

That said, I get it. We need to start taking your methods on Twitter and use copious amounts of that block button.

Ooooo... Maybe the knights of the round should serve as a ban committee for the most agregious offenders.

@noagendashowvideo @Meachamus_Prime @Johncdvorak @radix023

I don't believe they really exist; if tgey had such disagreements with NA, tgey would move on...

They're a hit operation & I block them.

We even have a couple (of Kiwis) doing it in the Troll Room during livestreams as well... Block their uselessness & move on.

@Meachamus_Prime @Johncdvorak @radix023 there are knights among the blocked which creates complications lol don't block me though I've said too much 🙊

@SirSpencer @Johncdvorak @radix023

Those few would likely be out voted should they seek to rock the vote. That said, don't do anything worthy of getting banned (keeping in mind the extreme libertarian views of most of the round table) and no one needs fear. Banning would be restricted to those who seek to "disturb the peace" on NA Social at the discretion of the round table by quorum vote. Seems like it would take moving Heaven and earth just to get banned here, much more so if undeserved.

@Meachamus_Prime @Johncdvorak @radix023

I do find it annoying sometimes! But as long as Dimensh B confusion, such as TDS, is minimal and dealt with by everyone having the individual choice to block, mute, ignore, engage, or troll for fun, the presence of those kinds of people help me know that I’m not in an echo chamber where only certain opinions are allowed.

@Johncdvorak @radix023 Very little of that here. I think maybe you're blowing a few anecdotes out of proportion. Producers own this space, unlike Reddit which is CCP and mindslaves

You do also have to worry about off-world idiots here, but we generally keep everyone that's on NAS...in line.

@Johnny_of_the_swamp @Johncdvorak @radix023

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