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Department meeting is getting out of hand... has Trump EVER told the proud boys to show up ANYWHERE or did they take it upon themselves to show up to serve as equalizer?


I am coincidentally on a project for ADRD online ed (doing the voice-over and slides etc).

There is new research linking a nasal diabetes drug that seems to have positive effects on ADRD patients.


Off-book and experimental, but it's what I thought when you mentioned the nose thing on the show.

i'm expecting a Biden medical emergency sometime today to call off the debate

Photos from upcoming newsletter. Look for this during the debates.

Hmmm...from my understanding cocaine lasts longer than 30 minutes. If Biden has to break every 30 minutes is has to be because of the dementia pills causing incontinence as discussed on the show. Or maybe he simply cannot stand longer than 30 minutes.

People should probably read this in detail as it's quite dubious. Starting off by saying Trump's taxes show no Russian connection, the writer(s) cannot resist going right into Russia speculation soon thereafter. It's like some sort of sickness.

this time I am asking for any suggestions for the Trump Bingo Card. Here is what I have so far.

Antifa and Black Lives Matter militants have restarted the CHAZ in Seattle's Capitol Hill by setting up flaming barricades to block the police. t.co/UKoWgNjcdG

Idiotic talking points now appearing based on a re-engineered Groucho Marx comment that he would never join a club that would have him as a member. GW Bush lackey and RINO David Frum should be particularly ashamed.

New York City has largely been taken over by Democrats and SJW types who fill most of the media jobs there. It was a corporate blunder for Spotify to put it's offices there instead of ANYWHERE else. Once these people get a foothold, you will never get them out without moving the operation far away.

Raccoons and coyotes are slowly taking over San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Mismanaged crime-riddled city gets worse and worse.

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