@methos i got it from a poll done during the Obama era,,I NEVER SAID ALL Republican woman as you imply...but enough to swing an election -

does anyone know when Steven Sondheim got his vaccine?

Interesting read, but if I shared it in my parts I'd be locked up! My ears pricked up two weeks ago when Prof. Luc Montagnier gave an interview and mentioned the possibility of new cases of Creutzfeldt-Jakob (Mad Cow) disease been caused by the Pfizer vaccine. francesoir.fr/videos-le-defi-d

@adam and @Johncdvorak

A very good clip for 2nd half of show.

RFK Jr. was interviewed on James Corbett's show about his new book bashing Fauci.

At the end of the interview, Corbett asks RFK Jr about his fathers murder and RFK gives a succinct response.

The segment starts at the 53:00 mark to the 58:00 roughly corbettreport.com/fauci/

here is a clip that I made

This article discovered by @lavish begs the question: why do we even have any elected official at any level? Let the bureaucrats run everything, they seem to already.


This why the left does not want to allow humor in public discourse.


The paper is rife with little gems about Covid and the vaccines. The topper is the last paragraph. But don't start and end there.


WOKE wine writing. Something is wrong when an article like this gets written and is taken seriously.


Clear trends are interesting because they are so clear!

Court rules cops can sue Seattle councilwoman for libel for calling them murders

Shit's about to get real, ya'll!

cc @PhoneBoy @Viking

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