WTF?? Why is there a flying saucer on the "National Intelligence Manager for Aviation" emblem??

I've never made this claim, I have no idea. We are reading from BOTG reports and other sources making the claim. Bitch to them. The CBS report is not even in the discussion, except by you -- and you keep bringing it up like some sort of "reverse logic" proof.

Virtue signalling to who? And why? The opening screen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Nobody else does this that I can find.

US Marine Corps Quietly Drops Punishments For Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine -- Comes as every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to find new recruits.

"a federal judge side with a group of US Marines over the right to refuse the Covid-19 vaccine based on religious objections, the US Marine Corps has quietly dropped strict punishments for service members"

No more guinea pigs for Big Pharma? 🤔

This joker with the bogus top who now purports to be a woman, is a comic genius and the new Canadian open gender rules cannot do anything about it while he flaunts the idiocy of it all in one massive put-on.

Finally found the name for this flag. "Progress Pride Rainbow all Inlcusive Bisexual Non Binary Lesbian Transgender Flag"

I think.

It was discussed on the last No Agenda Show.

Moment of horror and TWEET of the month. Where is the video??

"Montana health officials on Friday made permanent a rule that blocks transgender people from changing their birth certificates even if they undergo gender-confirmation surgery."

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