Roman Baber was kicked out of the Ontario Progressive Conservative caucus for saying the same thing as a peer-reviewed study that found that lockdowns hurt more than help.

Microsoft, Oracle & Co full speed ahead on Covid-19 vaccine passports, citing incipient government demand

Though they admit a jab doesn't prove a recipient will stop spreading the virus, they nevertheless believe that being able to produce proof of inoculation is a vital step to resuming international travel. 🤔

The WEF, has been pushing for *global identity* documents since long before the Covid-19 pandemic. The Known Traveler Digital Identity project.

UN Globalism!

Newsmax to the rescue, with the footage of the Gypsy transsexual (not Jewish, @adam) who heckled Chucky Schumer and even compared him to Adolf Hitler.

OK folks I got what I need regarding Ms PayPal

Can anyone find that picture of Rep Jaypal in the Congressional gallery?

This woman has balls!

She’s the female version of President Trump.

Love her.


Jeff Zucker has notified CNN staff that "the CNN Airport Network will end operations as of March 31."

Cuomo Fiddles with Vaccine while New York Burns | National Review

Unused vaccines go into the garbage as Cuomo’s horrific mismanagement continues.

Open SmartNews and read "Cuomo Fiddles with Vaccine while New York Burns" here:
To read it on the web, tap here:

Another Gem from the oasis from @Johncdvorak in the emails this morning on COVID hysteria

"The nations with worsening situations have the loudest media sensationalizing the situation. Find a country that is not influenced by modern Western media and the cases and deaths drop."

Trump is one thing. BUT this takes things to a new level and heads will roll!!!

Those who control the search engines controls popular thought.

The No Agenda Agenda - Revision 2 - Now with even MORE content!!

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