Skip looking for the culprit behind calling the MAGA hat all about white supremacy in the Army. It's the poorly chosen Secretary of the Army Ryan McCarthy behind it all. He needs to go. What was his politics 4 years ago when he was at Lockheed? Why did Trump pick this guy?

This is unbelieveable and makes you wonder how much CCP infiltration of the US Army there is? And who exactly is Chaney P. Pickard?? He appears to be a contractor. Who does he work for really?

Elitist largely uneducated child actor chimes in having no clue what is actually going on. But she chimes in anyway.

If America is so racist why do activists fake so many hate crimes? Demand for racism is outstripping supply. Doug Keegan: And now the police report from the alleged hate crime at Texas A&M.Unsurprisingly, the whole incident was a hoax and the alleged victim placed the notes himself. #America #Texas

Full-List of bots:

@Johncdvorak How many where put out of a job with that action? Probably ruined the franchise owner as no insurance is going to pay for this.

Cities can't afford to fill the giant potholes in the streets but they can paint "Black Lives Matter" and rainbow crosswalks all over them.

Who's paying for this, @Johncdvorak ?

some great stuff here with people ranting at a Manhattan Education meeting. FABULOUS. The bickering left is the best.

Logic trickery from last Show. Ask this question if the world was one single race could capitalism and a free market exist? By leftist logic the answer is no. Bullshit. Now we have this nonsense.

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