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A local producer sent this out to the local group here a week or so ago.

I admit I didn't know the correct definition for black pilled (for some reason I thought it was about men who detested women - I have no source for that ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ ).

In any event, my 2021 squad-goal is to move toward being clear pilled. The next 100+ days will be a real test.

We have lift off!

The custom satoshis update for Podfriend was just in time.

Time to listen to the future recorded in the past in the present!

ITM y'all! A new ANA at long last - I think I miss doing them more than anyone misses viewing them. :) But if you were wondering what happened, I'm not dead (yet). Just had a major milestone to meet with the day job which I accomplished today.

Yeah, y'all should definitely blame my work sched and NOT the new boyfriend. Yep. For sure. ;)

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Additional links for the other platforms to follow

If you are a journalist using the term "glitch" to explain an internet outage, go fuck yourself.

Rock It Mr. R&R Pre-Show.!!! Brake Job complete....FINALLY...! Now is the time to sit back and Rock Out ( your Stuff)..!!!

Happy Birthday to @CarBlanez33 the sweetest and most talented of all the Hog Story hosts!!

Thanks for being you.

Yes, even the Steely Dan requests.

Kind of. ๐Ÿ˜œ

new episode 4 of my AI podcast is out: .

- spoken by @GWFF

- @Therealdcgirl mentioned

- includes explanation of difference between "kok" and "cock"

- @jennifer was not abused in this episode

Charleston SC Five-Week Cycle @5pm ET

When: Fri, June 11 at 5:00 pm โ€“ 8:00 pm EDT
Venue: Bay Street Biergarten
Organizer: Dame Jennifer Buchanan


ITM Citizens of Gitmo-nation!

Wakey wakey! Time for second Thursday Church. And you don't even have to get dressed up or dressed! How many other "churches" accept you like this?

We operate on the value for value model and all other monetization models can POUND SAND

What's on My Mind.....Glad I am Not working on the Brake Job from Hell..!!! Still have to Bleed Brakes, as I spent 10 hrs trying to get 1 Person Technique (plastic bottle and clear hose) to work...YouTube Failed me this time.!! 2 Person technique this afternoon and hope that works...else Air Leak somewhere.? Rock It @darrenoneill I Will the Greats suggest.!

OMG @Lennoxxreverb

If it were up to me, I'd say you were our Morning Zoo entertainment reporter. ๐Ÿ˜‚

Still laughing.

Moe Factz 63 - "We Are People 1" -- Adam and Moe grab the third rail of popular culture in part one of this two part mini-series. Trigger warning included

Give the latest episode a whirl on Animated No Agenda - Noodle Guns Firing!

ITM y'all! What an amazing birthday week I've just had. Thanks everyone so much for supporting our ANA work and helping make me feel all warm and tingly!

Your continued support makes this so more than just the best hobby in the universe.

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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