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A local producer sent this out to the local group here a week or so ago.

I admit I didn't know the correct definition for black pilled (for some reason I thought it was about men who detested women - I have no source for that 🤷‍♀️ ).

In any event, my 2021 squad-goal is to move toward being clear pilled. The next 100+ days will be a real test.

Meet my first NFT.
It is the first in a set called "House of Glizzy."
I am auctioning off this first one, and all proceeds will be donated to No Agenda. More Glizzies to come! Check it out here:

Countdown: TWO!

Whether this brings in $3, $33, or $3333, all proceeds of my very first NFT will go to support the Best Podcast in the Universe.

ITM y'all! ANA is finally back after a loooong, much-needed hiatus while I got my life in (somewhat) order. I actually forgot how fun these are for me to do. Hope you enjoy and that they help propagate the formula. :)

TYFYC! xoxo

YT link here:

But get a PC 2.0 app to stream sats! :)

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

In 5 Days, I'll auction My Very First NFT.
I'll donate ALL the funds to NO AGENDA.

Let's see what happens.

Your story about Sara Evans was such a surprise to me. . .I got to meet her in 2002 or 2003 and she couldn't have been nicer. We did shots and laughed about things that were probably not that funny (because, shots).

But I totally second your Reba experience. She was a VIP for an event I was working and was probably the nicest performer I've ever met. @darrenoneill

Looking for a non-Apple recommendation for wireless ear buds for use with my iPhone. I’ve been using Samsung Galaxy Buds+, but I need something newer now. Buds Pro aren’t fully supported on iOS. Anyone have a recommendation in the $100-200ish range? I need it to have a decent quality mic too for calls. Thanks for considering.

This was written by my first cousin who is a resident of Uvalde (professor at a local, very small college). I adore him and just wanted to offer his perspective to our little tribe.

p.s. His children don't attend the school where the shooting occurred. Thank God.

cc: @adam

There's nothing like a Dame, or a Viscountess for that matter! @Laurien and I had the pleasure of @jennifer's company for tonight's

We talked prosecco, No Agenda Meetup life, and value.

Thanks to boosters:

✨TONIGHT✨ the one and only @jennifer joins @SirSpencer and I in the Bowl for Bowls With Buds, the irregularly scheduled guest show!

We'll be✨LIVE & LIT✨ at 7 PM Central.

Call and leave a voicemail.
You know you want to. 😘

(816) 607-3663



Give Value for Value received:

Buy the dip, fill your wallets, and send

Want to know just how friendly people are here in Charleston? A couple of weeks ago, my mailbox was destroyed overnight. Between slow shipping of the replacement pieces and the meetup, I didn't sincerely start on replacing it until today.

I discovered I need to borrow a drill to attach the box to the post I installed today. I happened to see my mailman as he came to deliver today. He's bringing his drill Monday if I can't get one before.

People here are so great. :)

Me and my amazing friend Margeaux (wife of David who gave the tour). I LOVE these photos! What a great night.

If y'all need any event or tour services in or around Charleston, look them up!

Photos courtesy of House of Ivy - producers since episode 1! Their photos really captured the joy of the event.

THANK YOU all for the birthday wishes! I had an outstanding day. xoxo

Meetup was so much fun - current mood:

THANK YOU to all who came out!

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