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@ArdanianRight @ChristiJunior @judgedread None of this is by accident. Soros figured out years ago that DA electoral races are low-turnout (so easy to flip) and redirected millions in order to control those positions across the United States.

DAs wield enormous power within their cities and are mostly unaccountable. This is why antifags have no fear of cops. Arrest is a momentary inconvenience for these unemployed junkie losers. They know they will not face felony charge or jail time and in places like Oregon they are released without even having to post bail.

This is an issue that needs to be badly fixed, either with impeachment, recalls, federal charges for RICO/corruption, or alternative methods (see: Latin America)
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Cancel Culture is the ultimate tool of the participation-trophy kids, of those jobless, feckless thirty-somethings still living in their parents' basement, spouting activism into their social media bubble from behind a computer screen.

In a world where everything you have ever done can be used against you, who else to come out on top, but the person who has never done anything?

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For those looking for the video of that old Mike Wallace 60 Minutes ‘76 Swine Flu story. youtu.be/ae1TJi5zw84

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There really is nobody of sane mind that doesn't think this impeachment is anything by comical.

Dems have been waiting 20 years for their pound of flesh and that Trump ruined Hillary made him all the more convenient.

They didn't impeach GWB over lying to go to war in Iraq and wasting trillions of dollars and thousands of soldiers' lives, but they impeach Trump over a phone call.


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A bombshell report coming out of the impeachment proceedings has revealed that Trump may have been mooching off Mike Pence's Netflix account his entire time in office.

A whistleblower revealed that Trump simply asked Pence for his password and has been bumming off Pence instead of spending the $13 a month himself.

Pence's password was reportedly "jesus1."


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Today, I learned the definition of hate speech: "like porn, I know it when I see it."

Which leads me to ask: if you get rid of all the hate, how will others know when they see it?

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When Gab joins Mastodon, noagendasocial and Gab will become instantly connected. Pretty damn sweet!

@adam I posted this on the REAL No Agenda subreddit: "Curry Pizza Company in Fresno offering free food to OTG customers, with optional donations to those experiencing homelessness"


Accused CIA Leaker Files Complaint Against The Government Seeking $50 Billion In Damages bit.ly/2VKsseg

The 26 Words That ‘Created the Internet’—and Why They May Be on the Chopping Block bit.ly/2Zq9MQ1

How to Sync GNOME Shell Extensions Between Desktops bit.ly/2DzYA9Z

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The #plasmamobile team, lead by @bshah, have just concluded their first sprint, and the progress they made there is amazing!


It's so good to see the community growing! What used to be more or less a 1.5 men project now has a proper team of volunteers as well as paid contributors, coming from KDE and other mobile FOSS communities, working on everything from hardware support to essential applications.

With that pace, an "end-user-ready" state feels within reach!

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