So, tell me you are a giant nerd without telling me you are a giant nerd.

Linux Update: Fully migrated and all software currently working. Total project time was under 4 hours.

After 25+ years of using Microsoft Windows (And years of experimental Linux usage) I have now pulled the ripcord and installed a Linux distro as my only OS on my main machine.

The Jan 6’er keep looking for smoking guns, maybe they should pay attention to who is smoking crack?

Brandon was right! His policies have definitely had an impact on the economy!

Bad Sensations
(Read by Bill Shatner)

Bathroom sitting
Birthday Suit
Back straight
Broken Silence
Body sags
Bad Smells
Bad Smells

How old am I? Old enough to remember when gender wasn’t a choose your own adventure.

Hey Linux folks, I’m about to migrate my gaming and art rig to Pop!_OS anyone have reason I should choose a different distro?

probably wouldn’t be a thing if they’d left us with better supervision.

Just when you think it’s played out is back suddenly!

For some of us it’s an accomplishment to make it through the day without breaking stuff.

Finally done with work, seems like forever that I’ve been slogging.

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