There seems to be a lot of confusion on this.

Your Country: The people and lands you live in, and the ideals which you agree are important to human flourishing.

Your Government: A group of people responsible for protecting the people, lands and ideals which you agree are important for human flourishing.

You can have a great country and have a crappy government. I’ve never seen a crappy country with a good government though (or a good government that last).

At some point we went from “Consent of the governed” to “Compliance with the government”.

Wait, Hunter Biden’s laptop is a mainstream story all of a sudden?

Another Kid Birthday (My youngest 1st), another:

“Hey Art husband decorate this cake!”

Didn’t turn out too bad, first time I’ve done this type of icing.

It seems to me that there is a direct correlation with “vaccine hesitancy” and three distinct types of people:

Frontline healthcare workers
People who studied 20th century History
Nerds who read Sci-Fi

My theory is that this because each in their own way has a conception of how bad things could get.


* Statements in the above post do not actually reflect the views of the poster, or reality but they are a fun demonstration that there are at least some things we can agree are just plain WRONG.

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At how torn up society is right now, all the divisions and anger and fear I few like we may never agree on anything again.

Except of course that pancakes are clearly superior to waffles and that the prequel trilogy are the best Star Wars movies.

And tomorrow’s lunch is on the smoker. Now I can go to bed!

Finished my latest saber (Finally My personal one)! Still want to play around with the fonts and blade profiles, but it’s structurally complete and wired up!

I Call it ‘Terminus Nox’.

So who is on top of things enough to be working the details of the Nikki Minaj and Tom McDonald joint?

And now I’m cheering on Nikki Minaj…

This has to be peak clown world right?

Metal shop wisdom:

Doing one hole at a time will make your life easier, and always watch your tool speed.

I’m glad firearms are safer than vaccines, but I kinda still wish most people would get one.

I feel like we really need to stop with the left/right paradigm and Republicans/Democrats narrative.

The reason is that there are many reasonable positions to be held and argued about on both sides of these lines.

However, none of that makes a hill of beans if we can’t get the Globalist Vs Patriot paradigm fixed first.

Left / Right is about how best to govern ourselves, Globalist Vs Patriot is about if we should even govern ourselves or let some other entity tell us what to do.

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