Check out this print that @roglesby415 did! I can’t believe that this was 3D printed… like how is that possible?

Anyway it’s pretty cool.

I wonder what would happen to the outrage zombies if nobody cared what they screamed about anymore.

I’m also curious what would happen if they stopped being told what to scream about.

I feel like the media yells to the mob, the mob yells to society at large and the media ask the mob to speak louder. The feedback is not good for anyone’s ears… or brain.

15 days until “make your future purchasing decisions based on the decorations” month!

Printed and painted some miniatures for my daughter’s school project on the book “Because of Winn Dixie”.

Aren’t exactly world beaters, but hey they are painted well enough to be recognizable.

Also there is a real lack of civilian “normal people” models available. I have to modify the ears of the girl, she started as an elf, the preacher is a secret agent and the guitar man was meant to be a much larger sculpture that I shrunk down, the dog was the only thing that didn’t need some work.


“Follow me” into the mess that is the world, and help others clean it up.

Clean up the messes of others not because you are told to, but in return for all the messes others have cleaned for you.

There is so much mess… but God helps us with our own messes, and then trust us (yeah us) to help other’s with their messes.

The good news is that your mess of a life can be cleaned, and then once clean you can help make the mess a little less messy.


Today though, something changed.

I saw the gospel in a new light, God sent Jesus to help me clean up my own mess, and at great personal cost and sacrifice that’s what he did, he cleaned a mess I could never have gotten myself out of, he cleaned it not so that it would just get messy again, he cleaned it and set it right.

Jesus cleaned the mess of sin, and the mess I was making of my life.

And then he says to take up that cross and follow him…

Cont ->


At work I clean up messes, projects other people forgot, bad code written by others, bad wiring, coding around bad design, cleaning up messy displays, and sometimes messy thinking.

The only time I’m not cleaning up others people’s messes seems to be in my hobby time… where I spend a large portion of time cleaning up my own messes.

I serve on a school board and some church boards… mostly cleaning up messes, it’s apparently what I do, I clean up other people’s messes.

Cont ->

The Gospel in the mess.

I often get irrationally angry when my children refuse to help clean up something because it’s “not their mess”. I always figured this was just what parenting was like and I should get over it. But today after we got home from church and started picking up and the complaining started anew something hit me.

My life, is essentially all about cleaning up other people’s messes. At home I help with dishes and trash and sweeping and picking up after my kids.


Paintbench snapshot of the undead I just finished, maybe once they have finished drying I will have time to take some more detailed pics with better lighting.

Inflation…price controls… next comes rationing.

People say I’m intolerant, and that’s ridiculous, I’m willing to treat almost anybody like I treat my own children, I’ll feed them sometimes, make sure they have clothes to wear and correct their atrocious behavior and thinking.

5 years ago:

Soon we will replace all of the servant class with ROBOTS! And then they will either starve or we will give them just enough to live on!


Where are all the willing servants to do our bidding? Why does nobody want to work for us anymore?

Some recent 3D printing projects, a desk organizer and a 3.5 floppy for holding memory cards.

Snapshot of some speed painted undead! Digging the new methods I’m using.

Corruption might be the only thing more ubiquitous than idiocy.

This is Marvin, he in my mind is the Face Of the “Q” movement.

“Where is the earth shattering KA-BQQM?”

Boots on the ground report, CEO stated in our quarterly meeting that he had recently been invited to meetings with investors including Fink (Black Rock) about increased investment in fossil fuels and no longer black-balling the industry to speed along the “Energy Transition”.

Word is that these geniuses of finance have figured out you can’t just get rid of oil and gas, and you can’t snap your fingers and make every vehicle electric.

As the values of a society change, so does it’s value.

Got all the metal bits base coated last night, really happy with how my metallics and ink color came out, it is dark in the shadows and recesses and fairly bright on the flat surfaces and went on in one coat.

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