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Trump was a man who could never meet the moment. He was always better suited to "monitoring the situation" (i.e. being a pundit/campaigner) than he was to taking action (i.e. governing).

What other politician who ostensibly "lost" an election could bring three quarters of a million of his supporters to Washington DC to fight for him? None.

He stoked his supporters to go the Capitol to express their rage and then he called in the National Guard against them.


I won’t condemn people on our side who got slightly overzealous.

How many businesses and churches did they burn down? How many old men did they pull out of their cars and beat to death?

The United States has been in a civil war for several years. The left has hammered the right again and again and again. Burning down businesses, torching courthouses, stabbing people in the street.

Today, for the first time, the right answered back.

President Trump locked out of his Twitter. Maybe he’ll take censorship seriously now.

For the first time, our side has established DETERRENCE.

WATCH: On this week’s episode of MAN UP, I analyze the Senate's bungling of the stimulus bill to deliver $2,000 checks, talk with real estate investor Mike Bolen about the worries over 40 million pending evictions, discuss the upcoming January 6th with Ali Alexander and much more.

Man Up with Jacob Wohl coming Sunday morning with two great interviews

"Lin Wood sabotaged Trump’s case by bringing painfully stupid lawsuits ineptly challenging the election result based on ridiculous conspiracy theories and things that didn’t happen..."

The lawyers who actually did the work for Nick Sandmann got stiffed by Lin Wood, who spent his time then demeaning them, physically assaulting them, attacking one as a "greedy Chilean jew", and has been enjoined by a Judge from further false attacks.

Lin Wood is a Democrat SCAM ARTIST

Lin Wood didn't "win" any lawsuit against CNN or WaPo for Nick Sandmann. The case ended up handled by other lawyers and Lin Wood was removed from the case by a judge. The case was settled for a very tiny fraction of the claimed damages out of court.

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