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When AIDS, a virus that killed 100% of those who contracted it, appeared in 1981, Anthony Fauci said that the government COULD NOT shut down gay bathhouses or ban gays from donating blood because that would be draconian and un-American. What about “flattening the curve”?

As a result of Fauci’s liberal approach to the AIDS crisis, 50% of hemophiliacs in America contracted AIDS from the contaminated blood supply.

But for COVID, a virus that kills .006% of those who get it...

If they can lock you down for a virus that kills .006% of those who get it, they can lock you down for global warming.

And they will.

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I'm torn...

If rising case --> lockdowns --> less knuckleheads in the office...

PCR should be run at no less than 66 cycles.

Part 2 of this essay is coming soon, along with several other pieces.

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America’s political divide could not be any more simple.

The cities, which make up the majority of the country’s GDP, vote for Democrats.

Every place else, including our agricultural heartland that feeds the world, votes Republican.

BREAKING: Recount in Floyd County, GA Uncovers 2,500+ Uncounted Votes; Giving Trump a 778 Vote Gain

The previously uncounted votes tally as follow:

Trump: 1,643

Biden: 865

This in a state where Trump trailed by 14,155 votes pre-recount

The new numbers are preliminary

Republicans didn’t win Black and Hispanic votes by rolling out Jared’s giant cash giveaways to minorities funded by mostly white taxpayers.

The “Platinum Plan” was a complete joke. So extremely far left in nature that no Democrat would have ever proposed it just 5 years.

Trump won record Black and Hispanic votes by stopping immigration, which led to the first real wage gains for US workers in 20 years.

What if President Trump had decided to never speak to The New York Times, The Washington Post, Lester Holt, Bob Woodward, etc.?

If you are a Republican, you must accept that you will NEVER “win them over”

Obama admonishes President Trump for not offering a “smooth transition” to Joe Biden, whose election victory is contested.

Meanwhile, Obama himself wiretapped the Trump transition team and pushed a libelous “pee dossier” to discredit then President-elect Trump.

BLM and Antifa are nothing but a bunch of rejects, freaks and pedophiles.

NEW: A California judge has ruled that Gov. Gavin Newsom overstepped his authority when he issued an executive order requiring vote-by-mail ballots sent to all registered voters

That woman who had acid thrown on her by ANTIFA must be pretty traumatized, not to mention injured. Maybe the President can tweet “LAW AND ORDER”?

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s Chief of Staff went on to become a lobbyist for DOMINION

Did he file a FARA disclosure? Dominion is a foreign company.

NEW: Trump administration strikes agreements with pharmacies to distribute coronavirus vaccine for free

Are you going in to get your shot?

Why do Uber drivers force you to wear a mask but not a seatbelt? You’re far more likely to die in a car accident.

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