BUSTED: Austin Mayor Steve Adler told the public to "stay home if you can...this is not the time to relax" in a Nov. 9 Facebook video. He did not disclose that he was at a timeshare in Cabo San Lucas after flying on a private jet with eight family members and guests.

The problem with bringing witnesses like this man is that they can be easily impeached on cross examination with one simple question: “If the fraud you allege you saw at the US Postal Service was so egregious, then why did you wait until AFTER the election to reveal it at a politically charged press conference, instead of reporting it to the FBI immediately?”

It’s the same way you impeach a MeToo accuser who comes forward weeks, months or years laters.

If you think that people James Comey and John Brennan will be indicted by Durham, then you don’t have a good understanding of how things work in the swamp.

Study other investigations carried out by Durham. He is one of the deep state’s go-to cover up artists.

In the real world, people like John Brennan don’t get indicted.

For G-d’s sake, Durham was the same person they selected as special counsel to investigate alleged wrongdoing by Gina Haspel and others in the CIA’s enhanced enhanced interrogation program. Guess what happened? Zero indictments.

For those of you excited about the fact that Barr has designated Durham as Special Counsel, I ask you one question: How is it possible that Durham has been investigating for as long as he has, and only one low level FBI lawyer has been indicted?

San Francisco Mayor London Breed had her own French Laundry party — the night after Gavin Newsom attended a dinner there.


Woody Allen and Harvey Weinstein are the only people who know how to make good romantic comedies.

If Biden takes the Presidency and we lose the Senate, we also lose the Supreme Court (they’ll pack it) AND they’ll take two more Senate Seats by making Washington DC a State.

JUST IN: Bill Barr tells AP that Justice Dept. hasn't uncovered widespread voting fraud that could have changed 2020 election outcome.

There is zero evidence that mass immigration anywhere in the world has done anything but cause mayhem.

The entire country is controlled by about 50 square miles where $6-7 Trillion of capital is held and about $100 Trillion is controlled.

Live in Iowa? Sleep well at night by telling yourself “we have power because we feed the country”?

Guess what? You’re WRONG. The urban elites HATE you. They’d greatly prefer to put you out of business and starve your family while getting all their food and manufactured products from Mexico and China.

The only thing that stops them is the Electoral College.

Sign up at StopTheSteal.us — We need YOU to be ready to mobilize.

The issue isn’t whether the ideas of Trumpism can persist without Trump. It’s the execution of the Trump Agenda.

The establishment GOP politicians will talk-the-talk of Trumpism when they need your vote, but they won’t actually carry out the policies. They’ll immediately continue the donor-class Koch Brothers Agenda as soon as they’re sworn in.

This is what the Ann Coulter and Guy Benson types fail to understand.

Barack Obama writes in his latest memoir that he read Karl Marx in order to “hook up with women”.

Only ugly women are socialists.

That explains Michelle Obama

Scott Adams remains dead wrong in thinking that we can “test our way out of the pandemic”.

Too much testing is the problem. As I said from the first days of the pandemic, President Trump should have BANNED testing.

The “we need tests” narrative is what allowed the media to change the statistical story from deaths to “cases”, and extend lock downs.

So sad. Can you believe that COVID killed this perfectly healthy young woman?

The only thing more offensive than the “Fine People” Hoax is the “Best People” Hoax!

Pam Bondi has always been a lame, stupid bimbo. LOL @ all the boomers who got scammed by her “tick tock!” segments on Hannity.

The President’s propensity to hire stupid, incompetent blonde bimbos never ceases to amaze. Kirstjen Neilsen, Heather Nauert, Pam Bondi, Kellyanne “The Leaker” Conway. All stupid, incompetent, borderline seditious blonde bimbos. Unreal.

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