No Agenda Social Exclusive: This is a video I shot today in Brentwood, one of the most expensive neighborhoods of Los Angeles

Just like @Johncdvorak predicted: Shanti Towns

This is what’s known as “fraudulent conveyance”

Sweden’s soccer team team is made of actual women, instead of androgynous lesbian steroid freaks.

My dad headed up an effort to put Lindsay Lohan in a conservatorship like Britney Spears.

More women should have their assets placed in the control of a levelheaded man.

MacKenzie Scott Bezos next!

The Republican Party power structure is now little more than a giant email spam scheme akin to those run by Eastern European organized crime syndicates.

None of these influencers are actually using the Freedom Phone. They all still have blue bubbles when I go to text them.

But the “scientists” said we should wear sunscreen?

When are people going to understand that the vast majority of scientists are nothing more than whores in white coats?

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