If someone wants to build a system to truly compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, they’re going to need to raise a minimum of $150M. Attempting to do so with any less is tantamount to throwing money in a fire pit.

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@JacobAWohl This statement was made on twitter, the irony should be lost on no one here....

@JacobAWohl Did Twilio drop them? I've been thinking of moving my voice to them off of Google. This is fucking sick. I've never put any personal project on AWS because of this exact reason (forced to use it at work). I don't use Digital Ocean because of what they did in 2017 too. I can't give my money to anyone any more.

I wonder what stack Alex Jones and uses.

@JacobAWohl You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Building a similar platform with scale can be had for significantly less, ~$10k will get you in the door. While there is the issue of "de-platforming" / collusion, this is mostly an incompetence issue. The signs of a crappy platform are usually in the Terms of Service; in this case, #Parler was asking the world with wanting a TIN (Tax ID Number) among other info that they are not entitled to.
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