What are we going to be forced to wear to show we’ve taken a COVID vaccine? A yellow star?

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@JacobAWohl One of the Gavi/Gates Foundation partners patented these microneedles that tattoo your skin when you get a vaccine. It's not visible to the eye, but can be picked up with certain optical scanners. If you see the new vaccines come on a strip that looks like a bandage, those are likely microneedles. Corbett Report did a thing on it a few months back.

@JacobAWohl The hip modern version of the yellow star. Your phone with a digital vaccination passport app. It’s already in the official EU planning for 2023. Without authorization of dedicated testing labs where you need to go monthly, you are not going anywhere.

It starts with flying. Tickets for any concert, museum or whatever. Your health and other insurances. Driving. Employer’s will demand vaccination as they are already responsible for their employees safety by law.

Comply or go hungry.

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