I don’t personally know anyone who has gotten the COVID 19 vaccines and been injured by them.

I do have several friends who opted not to take the vaccine and ended up having a very rough time with COVID.

The choice is yours!

Federal Judge Scott Bain was nabbed in Episode 2 of Predator DC // Watch at PredatorDC.com/episode2

BREAKING: We have been informed that one of the predators nabbed in Episode 2 of our Predator DC investigation has been referred to the OIG for investigation.

This came as we revealed that the predator was sexting the decoy posing as an underaged teen during work hours.

We plan to fully cooperate and provide all of the evidence to the Inspector General.

Jacob Wohl reports on Biden's vaccine crackdown, provides an update on his hidden camera sting operation to uncover predators in DC, analyzes the situation with Iran and more.


It turns out that the drone strike against the “plotters of the Kabul suicide bombing” actually just killed 10 innocent people

Did conservative media get this scoop? No. Did Jack Posobiec’s anonymous White House source tip him off to this? Apparently not.

The New York Times spent $20-40K to do fact-finding and break this story. Meanwhile, conservative media was sitting on their hands pumping out click bait about vaccine mandates.


Someone from this company viewed a LinkedIn page associated with Predator DC today

Which one of the high profile individuals nabbed in our hidden camera sting operation has hired a crisis management firm?

Was it the federal judge appointed by Obama or perhaps one of the CIA operations officers who came to have sex with an underaged teen?

Episode 1 is available now at PredatorDC.com/pilot

Episode 2 featuring the Obama Judge comes out on Wednesday

Our hidden-camera sting operation has exposed high level sex predators in DC—including a federal judge, 2 CIA officers, 2 DIA analysts and many more. Watch Now!

It appears that the federal judge who is featured in the next episode of Predator DC has deleted his photo from LinkedIn

Watch episode 1 at PredatorDC.com/pilot

Vaxxed followers: Are you going to get a third shot?

FYI: The women at pro-life protests are just as loose as the women at pro-choice protests.

I can't tell you why. It's just true.

“At least there aren’t any mean tweets” -Democrat Voter

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