Jacob Wohl analyzes the disingenuous coverage of the Cuba protests coming from both sides of the aisle, reports on the recent Capitol riot that you didn't hear about, analyzes the Democrats' $4.1T spending bill, takes your questions and much more.

None of these influencers are actually using the Freedom Phone. They all still have blue bubbles when I go to text them.

But the “scientists” said we should wear sunscreen?

When are people going to understand that the vast majority of scientists are nothing more than whores in white coats?

Do you have questions about politics, relationships/dating or fitness that you'd like me to answer on this week's episode of Man Up with Jacob Wohl?

Send them in to

People under 60 are more likely to be killed or injured by the vaccines than by COVID-19 itself.

Lunatics are cutting off the genitals of their little boys and injecting them with estrogen and the only thing Republicans have to say about it is "well, this sure does make women's sports a lot less competitive."

Our country is officially too gay to actually invade Cuba. All we can do it sit back and send out feckless tweets—pretending as if that has any effect whatsoever.

Just like when China marched into Hong Kong. Lots of tweets, zero action.

Joe Biden should order an invasion of Cuba. If nothing else, just to test our military’s skill and equipment.

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