Prediction: Democrats will bring back the SALT Deduction FAST. They need to stem the flow of people leaving high-tax blue states and bring back their wealthy tax base.

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Do Democrats commit mass voter fraud? Yes.

Is it realistic to expect corrupt law enforcement agencies to stop them? No.

Will fair-weathered Republicans engage in the same tactics? Not a chance.

So what’s the answer? Win by margins so big that the fraud is rendered moot. Trump’s poorly run 2020 campaign was not set up to do that.

Someone just said to me “Joe Biden’s going to make your life miserable.”


I am tall, jacked, handsome, healthy, tan and I have a popular show, great family and hot girlfriend.


Jacob Wohl provides exclusive reporting from the scene of this week's protest at the Capitol, examines the consequences of the GOP's loss in Georgia and answers your questions.

Does Q Anon end like most cults of its type—with a mass suicide pact?

Make sure to reach out to friends and family who are Q-tards with a friendly phone call on Inauguration Day.

Parler’s only chance was to build and aesthetically beautiful and functionally perfect platform—then spend millions of dollars to pay the top influencers to bring their followers to that platform and use it exclusively.... IN 2018.

If someone wants to build a system to truly compete with the likes of Twitter and Facebook, they’re going to need to raise a minimum of $150M. Attempting to do so with any less is tantamount to throwing money in a fire pit.

There needs to be a class action against the RNC to recover funds for unsuspecting donors whose money was laundered into the coffers of people like Brad Parscale instead of being spent on furthering the campaign.

Take Brad’s Ferrari!

Any time Republicans FIGHT, we’re told that we are “playing into their hands”. The only time we’re told that we are “doing it right” is when we’re being kind and conciliatory as we let the enemy win.

Americans who walked inside the Capitol “desecrated our nation’s hallowed halls of Democracy”?


How about the Congressmen and Senators who walk through the Capitol insider trading and taking bribes? I say that it’s THEM who desecrate our Republic!

How could the Trump Campaign have possibly failed when they had Chris Christie writing their talking points, Karl Rove running their electoral map, Brad Parscale steeling tens of millions of dollars, Jared Kushner managing day to day operations and Jenna Ellis coordinating their legal battles?

It’s impossible!

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Repeat after me...

Fuck apple
Fuck google
Fuck twitter
Fuck censorship

President Trump joined Parler and the app immediately crashed because it’s a worthless piece of shit.

I just saw an elderly couple at CVS pharmacy begging to be put on the list for the COVID-19 vaccine.

The pharmacist told them there is no list and no available information on when they’ll have vaccines available. They continued to beg and plead for information, to no avail.

What happened to “National Guardsmen deploying across the country to vaccinate every American?”

Operation Warp Speed is a joke!

Ashli Babbitt, the unarmed woman who was shot dead by police on Capitol Hill, was a follower of mine who tweeted at me dozens of times.

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Dave Jones interview on Podcasting2.0, Lightning Network Value 4 Value paymentents and

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