🚨FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DC Madam to Give Press Conference on Dealings with Matt Gaetz, Rudy Giuliani

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Al Qaeda and ISIS can only dream of doing the kind of damage to the United States that BLM has done.

Does Ric Grenell talk about anything other than being queer?

I will be delivering more information about Matt Gaetz and Rudy Giuliani in the coming days and weeks.

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When is the last time you read that someone died of natural causes? I have not seen that one time since the start of the scamdemic.

Why is it legal for parents to inject their daughters with testosterone but professional baseball players can't?

PED's make baseball a better sport.


Jacob Wohl reacts to the verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, analyzes the Makiah Bryant incident, gives a comprehensive assessment on the State of the Union and takes your questions, plus more.


Instead of taxing the rich, Joe Biden should tax the fat.

The good news is that Derek Chauvin will be acquitted on appeal.

The police won’t protect you anymore. If the crackhead who is trying to rob you overdosed in their custody, they’ll be thrown in jail. So they just won’t bother.

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