Andrew Cuomo beat the hell out of Kirsten Gillibrand when they were having an affair.

They'll roll her out last, to put the knife in him.

China has had better results managing their economy than we have managing our economy. How can you not admire what they’ve done economically?

In the world history of economic development, no country has a better record on economic growth than China. And they’ve done so without free speech.


Regulatory Arbitrage: How to Profit from the Return of the Regulatory State

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President Trump has decided to run in 2024 and will begin campaign rallies this Summer.


Jacob Wohl analyzes the GameStop pump and dump, the new divide between the pharma lobby and the Democrat Party and takes your questions.

With a $750B military budget, you would think that America could overthrow the regimes of Iran and Venezuela just for the sake of tearing out our equipment.

In the Wall Street of old, there were Jew Firms and Goy Firms.

It turns out that the Jews were better at the game on average—and now they dominate finance.

Blame the non-Jews who refused to make them part of their firms.

War with Iran would unite America. It would be President Biden’s own Desert Storm and give him 80% approval rates with the public.

Biden 2024: “Destroy Iran, Not America”

First, "Hold The Line" was the official credo of the Q-Tards. Then it became of the mantra of unsophisticated Gamestop Traders.

Now you know. Anytime you hear "hold the line", you're probably dealing with a bunch of indigent morons.

Congrats to the hedge funds that have now made hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of these grotesquely overweening, smug, greedy brats with their Robinhood accounts.

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