I'm so tired of arrogant developers promising innovative solutions to real problems, then delivering piss poor implementations with zero informational resources on how to utilize their tool appropriately, or even adequately. I want Matrix messaging to be practical so badly. But they've stuffed it full of so many excessive security features that it's essentially rendered useless to anyone but developers.

Who wants to fund my organic bakery/butcher/delicatessen in San Antonio? I have zero business experience and no capital to contribute. I don't have a location, or a business model, but I'm passionate and willing to learn. WHY IS GOOD, FRESHLY MADE ORGANIC FOOD SO IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND! HEB's monopoly is crap and I've lived here for 25 years. Whole Foods and Trader Joes is no better. Sprouts is dead and now it's so damn hard to avoid GMOs. I should start a podcast.

In the morning motherfuckers! God bless you, this beautiful Sunday morning and thank the Lord that you're alive and awake thanks to The No Agenda Show.

So open carry is now legal in Texas, and I was wondering if openly carrying an unloaded firearm would protect me from another mask crackdown. But then I risk being shot by a bloodthirsty pig. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Earlier, while NAsocial was down, I stooped so low as to read Google News. I'm so glad to have the NA trolls back! I got indigestion from all the hate directed at the unvaccinated from MSM.

@adam What evidence is there to legitimize the claim that covid tests can't differentiate between variants? Obviously the PCR test recall is a red flag, but are other tests as equally incompetent? Or is it just speculation? I want to play devil's advocate on this because I'm trying to better position my argument against those who believe that the unvaccinated are the cause of the spread of the new variants (narrow evolutionary pressure not being sound enough on its own).

Can someone post the link to the CDC article that explains that PCR tests can't differentiate between covid and influenza?

I'm starting to feel overwhelming sympathy for people still wearing masks outside in public. At first I thought, "You stupid fucks," but now I'm starting to realize that they've been completely caught up in a sick perpetual cycle of fear, propaganda, & counterproductive actions designed to make them even more vulnerable to future harm. Isolation, mask wearing, lack of sunlight, constant fear, yearly boosters, backwards logic, lying doctors & pundits...It's tragic loss of reason and civility. 😕

Update on buyivermectin.us/

At least I got a receipt when the paypal payment went through. I'll let you know in about a month when/it arrives.

I can't believe how relevant this song is to our place in history today! Some timeless treasures never age. Enjoy the lossless audio, slaves. 😉

"For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield

Well I just dropped $110 on this site. I'll let you know if it's a scam.

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I'm having a rare grassfed and finished ribeye for the first time. It's almost as tender as salmon! I can't believe how much improvement it is over the conventional chewy ribeyes I'm used to.

What you don't know about Bitcoin: A look inside the GrapheneOS Project's Bitcoin wallet


Did you know Bitcoin public keys were this transparent? Are you using an HD wallet for your bitcoin?

All Spotify has to do to save themselves is offer Hi-Res music up to 24bit-192kHz for $15/month. Otherwise, Qobuz is going to put them out of business. Spotify's appeal is MUSIC, not podcasts. Get with the picture Spotify.

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