Some hints. She's a main character. The daughter of another character. The show is a spin off of another show.

The main character is black.

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I just realized what I want when I die. I want my funeral as a No Agenda meetup. I may be dead but it would be like a party.

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When I die I want my body to be

My first pair of Crocs.

I figured they'd be great by the pool or just to throw on to run to the store. They are kinda ugly and make your feet sweat. I wouldn't wear them for long periods of time.

Do you like or dislike Crocs?

Facebook is now showing me ads with goats in them in the hopes of getting me back.

No way Facepage I'm on NA social now and not coming back.

It just made me a little sad seeing everyone in their own bubble. Isolated. Together yet world apart.

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I was driving recently and I looked over and saw a family in the car next to me. The parents were up front and the kids were in the back listening to their headphones.

I remembered being a kid and having to listen to my parents radio station. I actually like a lot of that music now.

I eventually got a Sony Walkman but Im glad I got exposed to different music from friends and family.

Did Michael Jackson molest children?

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