@one another person that does not have any facts.

From the Political Insider dot com.
NIH Director Collins: Masks ‘Still Important’ Even After Being Vaccinated, ‘Even If We’re Overdoing It’

And of course they are over doing it. They are lying to the public. And just remember this graphic from a post of mine. CDC guidelines from mask wearing pre covid, Feb 2020.


@PG_Chrys I drive by the closed Jerry's Deli in Encino today. No more $18 pastrami sandwiches. And they had dealer financing.

@PawelK mercury in retrograde was over on Sunday. The way ahead is clear.

I took a slight detour on my drive tonight. I went down Ventura Blvd. The outdoor dining scene looks pretty healthy. Very busy drive.

Listening to Penn Gillette's podcast as some on NAS mentioned. Penn talks about getting his vaccine and dancing in a Walgreens after. You'd think of all people that can recognize BULLSHIT it would be him. And he sounds like he's gonna die. WTF?

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Asthma-causing "viricide" aerosols approved for emergency use in Georgia and Tennessee, to be rolled out in government facilities, which I guess includes schools? It's unclear how broadly this will be adopted. More extremely dangerous, unresearched, overreactionary garbage we get to be guinea pigs for.

Even though all of us listeners to NA have known about the BS PCR test we shouldn't stop talking about it. Adam and John should not stop talking about it. Print out that article and share it with friends. Everyone needs to know we have been manipulated by the test.

@EarlThePearls in my opinion they were calling flu infections Covid. They had too, how do you have zero flu infections?

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