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David Martin | Full Interview | Planet Lockdown

This sit down interview with David Martin is the longest of our interviews. It covers more material of all we have done. It begins with some issues in the patent system. Moves onto the patents surrounding the virus, moves onto documentation of organizations and concludes with alleged criminal conduct of certain actors. This is probably the most important interview as far as documentation and facts in the series.

I thought I was clear of all the BS that has happened this month. Check the mail....
Jury Summons. SOB.

I'm listening to this great book. The island of Tinian (about 100 miles north of Guam and 1500 from mainland Japan) was the base for the drop of two atomic bombs in Japan. This lead up to the drop is fascinating. The author lives on Tinian. A+

So Friday the wife and I went to appointments at Kaiser. Shortly after coming home I felt sick. It developed into a respiratory thing. I think my wife didn't get it because she wasn't in the building for my appointment. I had Covid like symptoms just as I had almost exactly a year ago. I took it easy and took supplements including D3. Now Monday I feel better, still coughing a little. Kaiser's mitigation did not work, it's almost as if they gave it to me.

I just saw an amazing film called Dark Water with Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins and Bill Camp. A chemical called C-8 made in the manufacture of Teflon by Dupont poisoned land and water and caused cancer in scores of people. Attorney Rob Bilotts fought Dupont for over 20 years and won big judgments. This man is a hero and everyone should see this important film. A+

Car tip: seat covers by a company called Coverado. Got the two front seat covers for only $99 on Amazon. Sweet right? 😁

Tonight seeing huge traffic from Orange County to downtown LA and into the valley. I'm seeing gas prices up past $3. Also some tv/film production started in Woodland Hills. Looks like the green light has been lit.

I guess that would be @woodstock Thursday show not up, new art work with Sundays show only there.

I haven't been on for a few hours. Tried to listen to the show, Sunday is only up there. @adam aware?

From Robert Kennedy's The Defender website: WHO Finally Admits COVID-19 PCR Test Has a ‘Problem’ 1/21/21

A Must See Impassioned Speech By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Blasts Technocrat Oligarchs. It might be the clearest message for our time.

Thought I would share this photo from this morning. My 2004 Honda Civic being picked up after I donated it. It had a blown head gasket. Found that out after I put $900 into it. My first new car I ever owned. It was sad to see this. Funny how we get attached to objects.

Listening to Howard Stern on Sirius XM. He's taking about his 15th anniversary on satellite radio. Time flies, geez.

Another thing I saw today was a gas station that's had the same price for a year raise the price to over $3 today. That's telling.

I've been on a self imposed media black out since yesterday. It's all too depressing to witness. And I just saw a post that said only 320,000 people watched today on the official White House youtube page. That made me laugh.

I see posts that say what is going to happen with Biden? A couple things. First the economy will go in the dumper. Biden will crank up regulation on business, raise their taxes which will immobilize them. Jobs will go away. The borders will be wide open. Generally more disruption, crime, poverty. You think Obama was bad. You may witness in the next four years the worst administration in history. I guarantee it will astound.

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