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Teachers at a Colorado Springs middle school forced children to tape masks to their face in what is being described as an act of “child abuse.”

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CA's Last KMART To Close...

Imagine America that became a socialist sh*thole & what caused it was facemask, lockdowns & vaccines!!

Future news:

"A new study out today says that Covid-19 may have been less dangerous than we thought."

Southwest Caves, Scraps Plan to Put Unvaccinated Workers on Unpaid Leave After Pilots Protest Covid Vax Mandate
By Cristina Laila
Published October 19, 2021 at 10:26am

Dr. Kelly Victory has been the chief medical officer for Walgreens, Continental Airlines and Harrah's. She's is a mass casualty expert and has 15 years experience as a trauma surgeon. She's one of the clearest voices on Covid and is often on The John Phillips Show on KABC radio in Los Angeles. They have archived shows on the website.

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A vaccinated "Covid" death. But...."Powell was also being treated for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that suppresses immunity".

Great insight into what's happening at the Port of LA.

Lazy crane operators making $250,000 a year exacerbating port crisis, truckers say

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it is growing...

Make No More Covid Testing Trend!! #NoMoreCovidTesting



News avoidance during the COVID-19 pandemic is associated with better mental well-being
by Mane Kara-Yakoubian
October 15, 2021

Looking for a good film?
Just watched this and loved it.

Promising Young Woman
1h 53m

Promising Young Woman is a 2020 black comedy thriller film written, produced and directed by Emerald Fennell in her feature directorial debut. It stars Carey Mulligan as a young woman haunted by a traumatic past as she navigates balancing forgiveness and vengeance. It also features Bo Burnham, Alison Brie, Clancy Brown, Jennifer Coolidge, Laverne Cox, and Connie Britton in supporting roles.

March against the media, I like the sound of that.

Tomorrow: Join Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. + Many Others at Broadway Rally for Freedom​​​​​​​


Is there a big outage? Ive got no Spectrum and very slow cell service.

New music discovery.
Released today, Blessings and Miracles by Carlos Santana
featuring Rob Thomas, Chris Stapleton, Chick Corea and Steve Winwood, Metallica’s Kirk Hammett

This record sounds amazing. Hard to believe that Carlos is 74 years old. Did you know he married his drummer Cindy Blackman 10 years ago?

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