Wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude and love to the best podcast in the universe!!! Huge win for my wife today as her religious exception was approved at the health care system she works at! Many thanks to all the producers and @adam and @Johncdvorak for providing the documentation that made it possible for her to get the approval! This has been a black cloud over our family since the mandate announcement was made a month back and the relief she is feeling today is amazing!!!

@JKinGB2311 That's wonderful news! I'm very happy for both of you! Thanks for sharing your message with us!

@JKinGB2311 @adam @Johncdvorak congratulations! Would you be able to provide the references that she used to gain her exemption?

@JKinGB2311 @adam @Johncdvorak I would like to ask this as well? Where are the references? On one of the na show notes website or somewhere else?

@JKinGB2311 wouldn’t mind knowing what was used for getting the exemption too.

@JKinGB2311 Congratulations to you and your keeper. Can you share the letter or any details that worked for here med exemption?

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