What in the actual F#@K! So let me get this straight. illegal immigrants by the 1,000s from central america and Mexico are allowed to bum rush the borders everyday and then are dispersed throughout the country. But illegal Haitian immigrants are send back with a free flight to their demolished country. They must vote Republican, that all I can think of?

Sorry that is the best i can do for right now.

The reference material was in one of the show notes. Unfortunately I can't remember exactly which show number it was. I will redact my info and post the 2 letters she submitted here momentarily. LOVE is LIT!!!

A giant ITM to Gitmo Nation and I thank you all for your courage!

Wanted to share my heartfelt gratitude and love to the best podcast in the universe!!! Huge win for my wife today as her religious exception was approved at the health care system she works at! Many thanks to all the producers and @adam and @Johncdvorak for providing the documentation that made it possible for her to get the approval! This has been a black cloud over our family since the mandate announcement was made a month back and the relief she is feeling today is amazing!!!

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@JKinGB2311 last i heard insurance companies were not even considering coivd as a risk factor at all, the odds are so low

also policies cover you for suicide, so no reason to think they wouldnt cover a self-imposed vax death

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@HaleakalaCrater @Droopinheimer @JKinGB2311 Doc will most likely say. I can mark this as a vaccine death and you can fight with whomever over the money. Or, he just had a heart attack and we can all move on easily.

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@JKinGB2311 let’s circle around this more. This could also be a plot to make insurance companies look more evil and drive towards universal gov health care. That way there is no control of your personal health. Right now you can control your costs by being healthy and not being in the system. Restrictions will be used to bring you into the system and keep you unhealthy to profit the medical industrial complex gov.

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I was just thinking this the other day. I avoid doctors like the plague (literally!) while the insurance companies are still getting paid.

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@JKinGB2311 great point. look at us building back better...

... for someone else

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@Droopinheimer @JKinGB2311 I am not a lawyer but I pretend to be one. I concur with this statement - you are covered. If I have Covid and get into a car accident because I lost control during a coughing fit, am I covered if I never got jabbed? What if I was jabbed but not boosted?

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@JKinGB2311 currently yes on both cases. Since you have a signed contract in the first case that needs to be amended before anything can be done. At least that is my humble opinion. On the second one since everyone is shielded from liability and they are denying that it kills people I think they would have a hard time not having to pay out. Again just my humble opinion.

Most people plan to have their deducible met before undergoing any major procedure so avoid having to pay the total out of pocket...Just some food for thought.

I guess what I am pointing towards is, who are the 2 parties benefitting the most from this bio-security state? Big pharma for sure, but no one is looking at the insurance companies, who are making a mint! With elective surgeries being cancelled or postponed, they are making out like bandits, as they get to collect 2 years worth of co-pays and deductibles.

OK so hear me out, this might get long so I apologize in advance. Any one out there work in the insurance industry? I have a few questions. First if I have a life insurance policy and I am unvaccinated and die from COVID-19, would my beneficiaries receive the policy? Second same scenario but instead, I take the vaccine and die from that, i know much harder to prove, do my beneficiaries receive the policy?

Asking for a friend? How much are these health care providers and local government entities getting for the vaccine mandates? I can't see the health care providers, especially, wanting to remove 40-50% of their staff, unless well compensated. What are we talking 100m 1b, what is the real cost? So triggered over this!!! I mean my friend is so triggered over this :)

Is this an effort to completely eliminate Hydroxychloroquine?
No malaria, no drug needed to treat it? It just feels like there is an alternate agenda?!?!

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