Just went to the Petro-Canada and all the grades of gas were SOLD OUT!

If the baby formula shortage is still going on when my wife gives birth in October I'm gonna milk her and sell that liquid gold. Gonna call it "Titty Juice" so I can avoid regulations.

@rife_with_tedium I was told by my Turkish barber that come 2023, the 100 year contract Turkey has for their Oil goes up… I’m wondering if that’s why the elites are purposely trying to phase oil out so the Muslim oil rich countries don’t become strong

In the Morning No agenda fam, I moved from North Carolina to Istanbul, ask me anything

@adam @Johncdvorak
I came across this on one of the WhatsApp groups. I haven’t verified it but if this is true then the Buffalo mass shooting was an assassination on one person in particular because he would’ve made a car powered by water only. instagram.com/reel/Cd5m6_DAzyK

Get the (expiremental) jab!

Its (somewhat) safe.

Its (somewhat) effective.

Trust the(se) scientists!

@IssaIbnStephen Karting is a fantastic activity!
Yes, everyone says time is getting shorter overall.

Türkiye is a good destination for Hijrah I think.
It is a secular country but vast majority of people are Muslim.
Adhan can be heard everywhere populated.
Government policy actively protects the social order
People in general respect Islam and like foreigners.
Immigration is becoming less open but not as closed as the Gulf countries.

@IssaIbnStephen You too bro!
I won't lie it was a bit of a challenge. 😅 We landed in Türkiye on 29 Sha'ban.
Sub-par accommodations during Ramadan ma sha Allah but we made it work.
Towards the end I broke my fast for a few days, taking the excuse of traveling.
No one speaks English here in Istanbul and people are a little rough natured 😅
Eid was beautiful in Başakşehir. Large and friendly expat community.
Now alhamdulillah we are in a nice complex
How was your Ramadan/Eid?

Abu Huraira, may Allah be pleased with him, said in regards to signs before the Hour: “A woman will be taken and her stomach ripped open, then what is in her womb will be taken out and discarded for fear of giving birth.”


I will say, it still boils my blood watching parents force their children to wear a mask. Nothing like muzzling your children to virtue signal. 🙄

Power just dropped three times in quick succession, wtf OPG?

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