@phaedra oh hey Phaedra it’s nice to meet you! 😃 You sound like an awesome person!

Second baby scan, 20 weeks 🥰 look at his sweet little nose oh my goodness.

Dropped the apple crumble I made as I was putting it into the oven. 2020 in a nutshell.

Omg you guys @Therealdcgirl @ChrisWilson you are so sweet I love you. What a wonderful community checking up on each other 🥰

Oh dang! Apple cider vinegar seemed to work almost immediately!

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Former/ current pregnant people: How did you ease your heartburn? I’ve avoided dairy, tomatoes, acidic food all together, eat mangos, take calcium...what do I do.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the PCR episode I said I would do!! Enjoy!

This is probably the only place I can say this joke:
What’s a Chinese prostitute’s favorite holiday? Erection day. 🗳

There are some fascinating people in the No Agenda family. I feel like a basic bitch next to you all, lolol

Well YouTube removed my video. I will fight it. It was a good episode. Fucking YouTube.

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Episode 6 of Origins of Things and Stuff goes over the history of porn!! The Ancient Egyptians had monster cocks! Learn more here:

Check out episode 4 of me and @NICKtheRAT ’s podcast, Origins of Things and Stuff! We talk about the days of the week and how they got their names.

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