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I was shamed by the parents AND the daycare workers at my son’s daycare because I haven’t been wearing a mask when I drop my boy off. I have literally been sick constantly since November because if the daycare germs, and have tested for covid every time (no covid) so the masks clearly aren’t doing shit. The mandates were lifted so I decided I didn’t want to wear a mask, and I’m in there for like a minute to drop him off.
What’s bad is now I actually feel guilty! Ugh this is too much.

I’m less interested in politics and more interested in people’s projects these days. There’s difficult stuff going on but the art coming out of it is really fascinating. I love creativity. For instance, @mrman has a cool 3D printed dragon coming to life. We should create stuff.

And yes yes I’ll get my shit together snd write a story.

@IllumiNadia There are plenty of Doctors who have a good idea of how it works, which is why they're able to treat it's symptoms. The idea that this is a completely novel virus and therefore all previous science gets thrown out the window is the major piece of propaganda that enabled the lockdowns and the narrative of no treatments. Its still a respiratory virus.

@IllumiNadia these explanations are all very good.

I would agree with the herd one.

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I don’t know what to call this phenomenon: people at my work are still wearing masks even after the mandate was lifted. Before the winter mandate, no one was wearing the masks. What’s going on with people? Is it learned helplessness?

@Johncdvorak I say milk the same way you do, and I also get teased for it.

There is no Covid “misinformation”. Literally no one knows precisely how this virus works. There are only popular guesses and unpopular guesses.

@Lennoxxreverb THC titty milk might be a good market by the way

Hey, any drummers out there that can recommend a good electronic drum set?

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