Baby will be here next month
I am getting migraines again though.
Baby please save me from migraines and be born kthx.

Wow, there’s got to be a way to make free range meat more popular. I know it would be more expensive, but I had ribs last night from what may have been the unhealthiest pig ever. The meat was practically non-existent and there was all fat. I refuse to be a vegetarian but I also want to eat healthy animals. I imagined this sad cooped-up pig eating hormones and empty calories as I ate it. Boo!

My dog makes special trips just to come over and burp on me, and then walks away. I can’t explain the continued behavior, except that he sees that I think it’s hilarious and my laughter is a reward for him. Anyway, I’m glad this is a thing.

Wow I just realized that the No Agenda dames are hot 😍

I feel sad that people look to others for validation in regard to their identity. I think instead of learning to make everyone accept them, we should be teaching them self-validation. Acceptance is inevitably rare in all cases, not just in gender identity. They should know that it’s just how it is, and not an encroachment of their rights. They do not accept some people either, and that is ok.

@skypage you’re getting requests for your ocarina!!! Wooo!

@jennifer @Therealdcgirl I’m super jealous you guys got to hang out. You sounded like you were having so much fun!

I hate the biotech industry. It’s awful.

Well I deactivated my account after one last negative interaction. At this point, why?

The boy has found my ribs. His new favorite spot.

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