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That feeling when everyone u know is getting a call from the governemnt asking them when they are getting the jab... but the government has no idea how to get a hold of u.

Ill be one of the last ones to go to gulags.

Can definently feel the meme war starting to ramp up.

If u think these old ass polticians are woke IRL or give a fuck about ppl.. ur brainwashed

@IcyGrillz @GluedToTheScreen
As far as I'm concerned, converts to Kek have a legitimate religious exemption to any vaccine mandate ๐Ÿ˜‰

Havent gotten a haircut since before covid started.

Anyone else hate the new look of graphene? but notice a performance increase?

I am not "exempt" from a rule I don't recognize. Free men do not ask for permission to be spared tyranny, we reject it outright.

Not one inch from me you sons of bitches!

Anyone got a list of places in t dot that dont require medical tyranny???

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